Microsoft and Meta cooperation for the presence of Microsoft services in the Meta VR headset


Previously, it was said that Meta and Microsoft companies were competing with each other to strengthen their position in Metaverse; But in the past few days, it became clear that these two companies are working together to improve the experience of Metaverse users in the fields of work and entertainment. As it turns out, Microsoft is keen to bring some of its most important services, including Office, Windows, Teams and Xbox cloud gaming, to the Quest VR headset.

It must be said that the news of the partnership of these two companies was somewhat shocking and far from expected. On the one hand, Microsoft got the chance to offer some of its services to its users in a powerful virtual reality headset, and on the other hand, Meta Company has found a good partner to develop the Metaverse project and compensate for recent losses.


During the recent Microsoft event, Satya Nadella said about the presence of Microsoft services in the Meta VR headset: We offer the amazing experience of Microsoft Teams online meetings in the Meta Quest VR headset. Satya further added that the experience of these online meetings will be as real as face-to-face meetings.

Following the announcement of the cooperation and the presence of Microsoft services in the Meta VR headset, the CEO of Meta (Mark Zuckerberg) announced that users can join Teams meetings directly from work rooms. Zuckerberg continued his speech and said that these online meetings will lead to the establishment of virtual offices in the future. Of course, the virtual offices that will be established based on this service in the future will not be used only for meeting people, because Microsoft will bring the Windows 365 cloud operating system to the Meta Quest VR headsets, which will allow streaming the full version of Windows on the devices.

As we said before, the presence of Microsoft services in Meta VR headset also includes Office service. In fact, it should be said that a two-dimensional version of office is provided through the pioneer web application (PWA) in the said VR headset. It goes without saying that if the desire of companies to continue their activities with Meta VR headsets increases, providing a 3D version of the Office service by Microsoft is not far from the expectation.

Xbox Cloud Games is another Microsoft service in the Meta VR headset. Although the experience of this gaming service in Quest Meta virtual reality headsets is not so attractive, it can be effective for entertaining users. Users can experience the games of this service on a giant screen using an Xbox controller.

Here, it is not without grace to mention that before, we witnessed small collaborations between the two mentioned companies; But the presence of Microsoft services in Meta VR headsets is the biggest collaboration between the two in the last ten years. Currently, Meta and Microsoft are in the early days of their big partnership, and we can expect more details to be announced in the future. Also, it is likely that there will be news soon about the 3D avatars of Microsoft’s Metaverse.

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