Microsoft 365 will replace Microsoft Office


Microsoft announced in its event a few days ago that the cloud version of the Office software suite will soon be changed to Microsoft 365. The changes start from, and from November of this year, this portal will become a subset of Microsoft 365. Next, in January of the next year, computer and mobile office software will also follow the path of this portal.

This change will be applied to all users of the office suite. Of course, Microsoft provided more information in this regard before any misunderstandings arose regarding these changes. The company announced that Microsoft Office will still exist and users can safely do their work on it. The users of the application of this software collection do not do anything and all the changes will be done by providing an update.


It seems that gathering all Microsoft’s office software in one branch is aimed at providing the same experience on different platforms, but the company is not limited to this goal and will also provide new features on its services. For example, now Microsoft 365 will make the My Content feature available to all users, whereas before, this feature was only available to business users.

The new tagging system for business users will be among the new features of Microsoft 365. In this way, the user is able to organize his content as desired; While a new feed will suggest content based on factors such as who a person works with or what content they usually work on with that person.

Of course, many of these features cannot be considered distinctive, because the two mentioned features are already provided by the Google Workspace service. By providing the Microsoft 365 application, the company no longer has the problem of encouraging users to use its various services, and this is perhaps the most important achievement of this change. It is not clear that Microsoft 365 is more useful than the current office software; But soon, there will be no more questions about what Microsoft 365 is and what it is used for.

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