Meta made fun of Apple in new WhatsApp ads


The competition between Meta and Apple companies heated up again after launching a new advertising campaign this week. In this advertising campaign, Meta, as the company that owns Facebook, has targeted Apple’s iMessage messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg on Monday; Meta’s CEO shared an image of a digital billboard on social media. The billboard promoted end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and mocked the green and blue bubbles in iMessage. In fact, Meta has used WhatsApp’s advertising campaign to attack iMessage.


Mark Zuckerberg has declared war with this company by putting his hands on one of Apple’s most important services. The CEO of Meta commented: “WhatsApp is much more private and secure compared to iMessage.

This is due to the use of universal encryption on iPhone and Android devices and for various sections, including group chats. With WhatsApp, you can set all your new chats to disappear with the click of a button. Last year, we also unveiled the end-to-end encrypted backup feature. All these features are not yet available in iMessage.

Will Cathcart; In a series of tweets, WhatsApp’s boss detailed more privacy and security features in WhatsApp and how they are superior to iMessage.

He said: “If you own an iPhone; In this case, you probably noticed that your texts sometimes change color from blue. This means your message has been sent via SMS. This phenomenon means reducing the level of privacy without warning or giving your consent. WhatsApp is more secure and private in nature for many reasons. Encryption in WhatsApp is performed globally and automatically, and you and your friends will benefit from this feature regardless of the device used (Android or iOS) in all sections, including group chats. So you can count on your messages and calls and their safe delivery to the person you are communicating with; Make sure.”

The president of WhatsApp continued: In addition, WhatsApp has more privacy features, including the ability to delete message threads, media messages that can be viewed only once, and the ability to set all new chats so that they disappear automatically with the touch of a button. become Cited. All of these are privacy features that are not available in iMessage.”

WhatsApp’s recent ad campaign is much more than just a billboard in New York City. Vispi Bhopti; The ads will appear on broadcast television, digital video, outdoor TV and social media across the U.S., as well as on billboards in the state of California, a Meta spokesperson told The Verge.

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