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Anime is an art that covers most of the genres. Because of the subtlety and dreamlike nature that anime can have, it is a good option for telling love stories. They are first-rate animations that depict the best possible love with exciting and sad stories. In Japanese culture, there is always a deep look at the concept of love (it is not always about happy romances!) And this is also reflected in today’s anime. So grab your favorite drink and enjoy watching these anime while sitting on your soft sofa! Be with Vijiato.

1- Classmates

Poster by Doukyuusei (Classmates)

This popular romantic anime is about two very different high school boys who grow up and eventually meet each other. We see a high school romance story that, in its genre, shows the heights of a relationship well and presents the same dramas you would expect from a romance genre. What makes this anime special is the special art style that appeals to many audiences.

2 – Your Name

A design from Your Name

The subject of changing bodies is one of the things that has been widely used in comedy anime. Your Name uses this theme for their love story. A rural girl aspires to live in the Tokyo metropolis instead of a boy. On the other hand, there is a boy in the story who is tired of his busy life. One morning, they wake up and realize that their body has been displaced. Now they are involved in solving the riddle of this event and trying to find each other. The beautiful design and fluid story of Your Name won many awards for it, including the winner of the best LAFCA animation in 2016 and Mancini in 2017. Unusual, sweet and sometimes sad, we see a lot of twists and turns in this anime. If you are interested in the romantic genre, you should see this anime.


3 – Tamako Love Story

View of Tamako Love Story

Are you looking for a romantic comedy? Tamako Love Story is about two clumsy high school students who end up expressing their feelings for each other. When a boy named Muchizu Oji decides to go to university, he tells Tamaku, an ignorant girl everywhere, that he is interested in him. Facing the locals of that small town and all the funny and funny events, ‌ has caused this anime to tell a story full of misunderstandings and abnormal events. A classic and fascinating story that will definitely encourage you and make you laugh by telling the interesting story of two loving students.

4 – Whisper of the Heart

View from Mimi wo Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart)

An anime from the legendary Ghibili studio. Like other works in this studio, we are on the side of a wonderful work. A girl and a boy get along with each other many, many times and after a while, پسر it seems that the boy is trying to attract the girl! The two try to get to know each other better and learn about each other’s hopes and dreams. It may not be as epic as other Ghibli anime, but its many beauties cannot be denied! Many people can relate to the story. We are not just witnessing a romance, ‌ but this anime teaches us to follow our dreams and understand what is valuable to us.

5 – Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

View of Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light

This time, we see a local Japanese legend that tells us a story of love and loss. Jane ‌ is a forest spirit. Hotaro is a young girl who met Jane in the jungle as a child ‌ when she was missing. But if Jane touches a human, she disappears forever. When Hotaro grows up and becomes a young girl, the two fall in love more than ever. The story ends with a tragedy, but in every bitterness, there is a sweetness! This beautiful animation will bring you a very different experience.

6 – The Wind Rises

Picture of KazeTachinu (The Wind Rises)

Another work by Ghibili Studios, this time depicts the personal life of Jiro Horikashi, the inventor of the drone. Jiro was a man who struggled with many problems. He had a vision problem that prevented him from becoming a pilot. During his engineering career, he also faced problems. Eventually, he falls in love with a woman he has seen several times as he passes by. A woman who has special tragedies in her life. The sweet story is told and at the same time, it challenges its viewers.

7- The Garden of Words

View from The Garden Of Words

A dramatic story centered on two very different people, a shoemaker and a mysterious woman, who meet in a park without knowing each other beforehand. As more identities are revealed and more secrets are revealed, the story takes on a tragic twist. A calm and beautiful drama that has its own cultural overtones. The design of the park where the couple spends most of their time together, even though it is entirely hand-painted, is so amazing that it looks like a fantasy. The romance of the movie is very emotional and you should make watching it your priority.

8 – Howl’s Moving Castle

View of Howl's Moving Castle

One of Ghibli Studio’s most famous and popular works, based on a Western novel starring Diane Wayne Jones. A simple and responsible woman named Sophie, after being saved from death by a mysterious wizard named Howell, is cursed by a jealous witch and becomes an old woman. He then seeks the cure for his pain, even though bad things happen to him one after another. A very beautiful anime that is full of wonderful scenes and will keep you entertained for almost two hours!

9 – I’ve Always Liked You

Characters of Zutto Mae kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai (I've Always Liked You)

Directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa, it tells the story of several high school teenagers who have difficulty expressing interest in the person they love. A stereotypical romantic comedy full of adolescent anomalies and jealousies. A cool movie that has a great design and can be a good option for when you want to see a fun effect. If you are looking for an anime with a sad story, it is still a good option in front of you that defines a particular story well. The anime has great soundtracks that you better not miss!

10 – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

View of The Girl who Leapt Trough the Time

When Makoto realizes that he has the ability to travel in time, he decides to make his life easier and make up for his mistakes. Like making sabotage and bad grades. However, he realizes that travel is limited in time, and in doing so, he also hurts people. Things are slowly starting to change, including his relationship with his friend Chiaki. You can not find any anime like this and it also shone in the awards season. Do not miss to see it.


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