Meet the new series of Intel processors: Intel Processor


Yesterday, Intel introduced its new series of processors called Intel Processor, which is a merger of two current Intel series. with us in IT provider be with

Chips in devices like the Surface Laptop SE and Surface Go will soon come under a different Intel brand.


Intel has just announced a rebrand for its entry-level CPUs. The company is removing the Pentium and Celeron brands and putting these chips under a new banner called “Intel Processor”. The purpose of the rebranding is to make it easier to buy a PC.

Intel no longer has to educate customers about the Celeron processor. Instead, buyers will only choose PCs based on major CPU categories, such as Intel Core or Intel Processor.

Intel Processor

It’s easy to come across the best CPUs and high-end specs, but few devices have mediocre internals. For example, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop SE has models with Intel Celeron CPUs, and the Surface Go series has Pentium chips in some of its models. Now, those Celeron and Pentium chips are under one brand so that users are less confused between the different names.

Josh Newman, Intel’s vice president and interim general manager of mobile client platforms, explained the change:

“Whether for work or play, the importance of the personal computer will only become more apparent as the pace of technological advancement continues to shape the world. Intel is committed to driving innovation for the benefit of users, and our family of entry-level processors has been instrumental in raising the bar for PC computing at all price points. The new Intel Processor brand simplifies our products so users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.”

Intel Processor will replace Pentium and Celeron brands in 2023 notebooks.

In its post announcing the change, Intel explained that “this update streamlines brand offerings across PC segments to enable and strengthen Intel’s customer communications around each product’s value proposition, while simplifying the shopping experience for customers.” ».

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