McLaren P1 receives a new battery pack worth $ 160,000.


The automotive industry introduced hybrid supercars to the automotive market in the last decade. The McLaren P1 is known as one of the first hybrid supercars. More than 9 years have passed since its initial introduction and release And now the fabric batteries of this car have lost their efficiency. Therefore, the British company offers a new battery pack with performance upgrades for owners of P1 and P1 GTR as a model for racetracks. The replacement battery costs about $ 160,000The price is equal to the purchase price of a Porsche 911 from GT3 series!

McLaren P1

McLaren is currently working on a successor to the P1. However, it has not abandoned services to the owners of this supercar.

McLaren P1

This battery pack draws on McLaren’s recent experiences, including the SpeedTil model.


The new battery pack is half the weight of the current battery and not only improves the car’s acceleration. It also improves handling performance.

McLaren currently uses two types of battery cells. In the SpeedTil model, the cells are designed with the goal of the highest possible performance and the highest energy density.

McLaren P1

In the Artura model, however, a battery with a longer range of motion is used.

The new McLaren battery is built entirely for performance. Therefore, the range of motion of P1 in electric mode is reduced.

This battery that from Lithium ion phosphate cells it was made. They weigh 49.5 kg.

However, the overall power remains intact.

McLaren P1 still It will produce 903 horsepower and a maximum torque of 900 Nm will be.

McLaren P1 Chassis

This battery replacement will be possible at all McLaren dealerships and will not take more than 14 hours. The new battery pack will have a 6-year warranty, however It costs $ 156,700.

This package actually Same price as a new generation Porsche 911 GT3 Is.

A point that may be hidden from viewers. The expiration date of the battery pack used in these supercars.

Now a lot Owners These types of supercars with There is a battery failure And because the warranty has expired. All P1s need a battery replacement.

Ferrari laferrari had previously faced this problem as one of the P1 era hybrid supercars.

Although Ferrari has extended the battery pack warranty, this supercar also needs a battery replacement. It remains to be seen whether Ferrari will offer a lighter battery pack for the laferrari.


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