MacOS Monterey ‘s first public Beta has been released


Just one day after the release of the sixth beta version of MacOS Monterey, Apple also released the first public beta of the MacOS Monterey operating system, which allows ordinary users to test the new features before the final release.

MacOS Monterey is the latest version of the Mac operating system and will soon be available on Apple compatible PCs. Recently, Apple has released the general beta of this operating system to users after offering 6 beta versions to developers. To get the general beta version, users can download the Mac OS X update from the Update Software tab in the System Preferences section after installing a special profile from Apple’s beta software website. This update brings a wealth of new and useful features to macOS.

MacOS Monterey’s features

One of the most anticipated features is Universal Control. Universal Control allows users to use a single mouse, trackpad, or keyboard on multiple Macs or iPads, and even drag and drop files between them. However, it should be noted that this feature can not be used in beta; But it will probably be in the final version.


In the new operating system, Safari browser has an updated tab for tabs that also supports group tabs. FaceTime now supports surround sound, portrait mode (M1 Macs only) and Voice Isolation to reduce background noise. Another feature called SharePlay FaceTime allows Apple TV users to watch TV content, listen to music, and share their screen.

The new Shared With You feature tracks and highlights music, links, news, and photos that people send in messages, and related apps. Notes has a new Quick Note feature for capturing thoughts, and Shortcuts is now available on the Mac.

Dedicated focus mode helps people stay on task by eliminating background noise based on what is being done. Also there is an upgraded router app with a set of new features. Using the Live Text feature, Macs can display text in photographs or provide details about animals, art, historical and cultural sites, plants, and more. The new beta also supports instant messaging on Intel-based Macs.

Privacy Feature

A feature called Mail Privacy Protection hides Mac users’ IPs and prevents anonymous tracking. Apple has introduced a set of privacy features for Mac OS X. One of which can hide users’ web browsing activities from ISPs and anyone else. This feature is known as Private relay. Private relay is part of a set of features that are available to users as iCloud Plus at no extra cost. However, it is said that Apple does not support the ability to encrypt users’ web activities due to the laws of some countries and protects Safari browsing.

Apple’s private relay feature sends traffic to a server hosted by the company and deprives it of its IP address. This traffic is then redirected to a second server with independent management that assigns traffic to a temporary IP address. This is what the destination website can see. This feature can be useful in preventing the activities of actors, advertisers and other people from being tracked. But its implementation is limited and part of a monetary package that will be offered only if you use Safari.

MacOS Monterey is currently in beta and of course it is not recommended to download this version. Because beta versions usually contain bugs that can negatively affect the user experience and even damage the user’s device. If all goes according to plan, a new version of Apple’s desktop operating system should be released for all compatible devices this fall.


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