Low sales of the iPhone 14 Plus changed Apple’s plans


It seems that the sale of iPhone 14 Plus is not going according to Apple’s plans. Earlier, there were reports that the Cupertinos are reducing the production of this model of new iPhones. But now it seems that the company has made changes in its plans for this handset.

According to reports published in this regard, the world’s technology giant wants to sell only ten million iPhone 14 Plus units by the end of this year.


Of course, it is not clear what Apple’s plans were like before this revision and how many of these phones the company officials wanted to sell. In any case, Apple has reduced the sales of this phone to 10 million units.

The Cupertinos planned to increase the total production of their smartphones this year from 90 million units to 96 million units, but now the company has reconsidered doing this and will produce the same 90 million units. Of course, sources close to this company have said that the sales volume of iPhone 14 Plus had no effect on this revision.

Not long ago, the news regarding the financial report of the third quarter of 2022 was published, according to which, Apple had taken an 18% share of the smartphone market with its smartphones, and it holds the title of the second largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung.

According to the same report, Apple has increased its share of this market by 3% compared to the second financial quarter of this year. With this account, it can be said that the situation is still according to Cupertino’s wishes.

Selling iPhone 14 Plus

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