LG lost to Samsung in the competition to produce screens for iPhone 14 Pro


The first autopsy of Apple’s iPhone 14 series smartphones confirmed that these gadgets use flash memories made by different companies; But regarding display panels, the situation is somewhat different.

According to The Elec website, the display panels of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are exclusively supplied by the Korean company Samsung. Apple has not cooperated with any other manufacturer to supply the required panels for these handsets. At the same time, every year the American company tries to diversify the resources it uses and expand the list of contracting companies in the supply chain.


According to the reports of some knowledgeable people, another Korean company named LG is also willing to produce LTPO OLED display panels with dynamic island notch for iPhone 14 Pro Max; But Apple has abandoned the use of these panels due to quality problems. However, LG is not going to give up. The company has already fixed a number of problems and then sent new prototypes to Apple’s labs for testing. According to some sources, the Cupertino giant will make a decision regarding the use of these panels in 2 weeks.

If new samples of panels produced by LG manage to receive quality approval from Apple; In this case, the Korean company will probably receive an order for the production of 10 million display panels for the new iPhones.

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