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In this article, we are going to introduce you to the fastest way to find a song that is playing or a piece of music that you have forgotten the name of, using Google’s song recognition feature by playing or reading the rhythm. At the end, we will introduce two song detection and search programs for you along with the download link for Android and iOS.

One of the attractive features of Google is the ability to find the song being played. It has definitely happened that music or a song is being played and you don’t know the name of the song or the singer, in this case you will definitely ask the person who played the music what is the name of the song being played.


But sometimes we are in a situation where we cannot ask the name of the singer or the song. For example, suppose a music is playing at a party and you don’t want to ask the host about the name of the song, or you are in a cafe or restaurant and a song comes to your ears, in this case, you can’t go to the owner of the restaurant. He went and asked about the music playing.

Or even imagine a time when a song is stuck in your mind and you know its rhythm more or less; But you don’t remember the singer, nor the name, nor the text, so you can search for it. Maybe the song you want is from a language that you don’t know or you can’t say the words and you can only find it by singing and humming the rhythm of the song.

In these cases, there is a very simple and quick way to find the song that is playing or the song in your mind. Since Google always and everywhere helps human life, we should go to Google in this field as well. You can find the songs you want with Google’s song recognition feature.

Find and recognize the song by reading the rhythm in Google

The ability to find Google songs by the song detection feature of this program and also Google’s voice assistant, that is Google Assistant (Google Assistant) is applicable. Of course, programs like Shazam are also suitable for finding songs, but they don’t have the speed and accuracy of Google. There are also problems like banning and using IP spoofing programs for such tone recognition programs.

In Google, by recognizing the song, the name of the singer, the name of the song and even the search for its download will be displayed for you. In Google Assistant, after finding a song, in addition to displaying the name of the music and the singer, the name of the album, genre, year of publication and the cover image of the track are also available to you. In addition, the link to buy Play Store and watch through YouTube will be available on the page.

Learning how to find a song that is playing or by reading it with Google

If you use Android, the Google app is installed on your phone by default, if you use iOS or for any reason you don’t have the Google app, download it first. Then enter the Google app.

  • On the first page of this program, touch the microphone icon in the search box.
  • Then on the new page on the option “Search a Song” hit.
  • Now the program is finding the song that is playing. You can also read the text of a song or just its rhythm in this section.

If the music being played is from a famous singer, the song is quickly recognized and the song information page is displayed on Google (as in photo 5). The only case where this method does not lead to the correct result is that either the singer or the song is very unknown. Google’s song recognition ability is very capable even in recognizing and finding Iranian songs; As you can see in photo number 6, we hummed the rhythm of Homayoun Shajarian’s ballad without reading the text, and it was easily found.

Learning to recognize the song playing with Google Assistant

Activate Google Assistant, this is different for each phone and has different gestures, but you can search for “Google Assistant» In the settings of your phone, find the relevant section and its activation gestures so that you can search for the song that is playing. Then follow the steps below:

  • With the gesture related to activating Google Assistant or saying the phrase “Hey Google!», open Google Assistant.
  • Now a box will appear at the bottom of your phone screen. You can use the English sentence “What is this song?” Or “Search a songexpress
  • Now Google Assistant will find the song that is playing or the song that you are reading the text or rhythm of.

The result is quickly determined by Google Assistant, if the song you are playing or humming is good, Google can correctly recognize the desired music and show you details such as lyrics, year of production and awards.

What songs can Google recognize?

Fortunately, this service also supports Persian language and is able to recognize Iranian songs easily. Also, make sure that the quality of your internet connection when using this service must be suitable.

Note that this service can detect songs playing on your phone and other devices. You can find the desired music even by humming the song or its rhythm, although the chances of success in this case are not very high for songs that are not very popular. Another feature of Google Assistant is to identify the song through its text, you can find the song you want by reading or typing the song text.

Song recognition programs to find music playing

Another method you can use to find songs that are playing is to install third-party apps. If for any reason you prefer not to use Google, you can use the programs we introduce in this section.

Shazam song recognition app

The program that we talked about at the beginning of the article, Shazam Is. you can Shazam app review Read it in IT Rasan and decide to use it or not.

Program Shazam It allows you to search for the currently playing song, but users cannot reach their desired result by reading the rhythm of the song.

Download Android apps and games from Google PlayLogo download Apple games and programs from the App Store

Program Shazam You can download it from the links above.

SoundHound song detection and finding app

Program SoundHound It is another application that you can use to search for the song that is playing or even the song that you are reading the lyrics or the rhythm of. This program has gained considerable popularity among smartphone users and music fans, and its download rate and positive comments are increasing day by day.

Download Android apps and games from Google PlayLogo download Apple games and programs from the App Store

Program SoundHound You can also download it from Google Play or App Store for Android or iOS through the links above.

In this article, we introduced several different and practical methods to find the song you want or recognize the song that is playing. Naturally, the best way to find a song playing or in your head is to use Google; But if you prefer not to use Google, we have introduced two applications for finding songs.

Which method do you use to find a song playing, or to find a song by reading the beat or lyrics? Share your opinion from the comments section, with the audience and the team IT provider let me know

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