Latest leaks of Apple Shows Astrophotography & more Camera Improvements for iPhone 13


Apple is going to officially announce iPhone 13 & Apple Watch 7 series on Apple Event on September 14th at 10 a.m. PDT.

There are leaks and rumors about iPhone 13 offering Astrophotography and Apple Watch 7 having bigger battery. According to rumors, the iPhone 13 series has Astrophotography capabilities, cinematic portrait mode and improved night photography capabilities, which can significantly improve the user experience.

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As we are getting closer to the iPhone 13 series announcement, Max Weinbach, has published new information about the possible camera capabilities of the mentioned phones on Twitter. He had previously claimed that the cameras of the iPhone 13 models would be capable of Astrophotography to take pictures of the sky. It is believed that there is a special mode that activates when the iPhone is pointed at the sky. This mode allows the device to detect the moon, stars and other celestial bodies and adjust the exposure accordingly.

Weinbach claims that night mode on Apple’s next handsets uses artificial intelligence to detect what objects are on the scene and make adjustments based on them. Of course, the images taken of celestial bodies are not exactly the same as the real ones; But using the Artificial intelligence built into the SOC, the phone can guess their shape and inclination and make exposure changes.

Other camera modifications include Cinematic portrait mode, which uses Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and is sometimes referred to as warp. Using this feature, the subjects appear to be close to the center of the frame; But they do not look abnormal and the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) records less vibration.

According to Weinbach and other leakers, night mode will be equipped with an algorithm that analyzes structures and rearranges shadows. The effect of colors at night has also improved, and apparently the bright orange light no longer affects the skin color of the subject.

According to previous rumors, iPhone 13 will also support the ProRes video format. The ProRes feature allows users to record videos in a higher quality format and has more features for editing. When Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 Pro last year, it announced that only these phones support the ProRaw format for photos. Hence, it is expected that the ProRes feature will be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro models.

Apple is said to be developing advanced sets of standard filters for professional photographers, which seem to use artificial intelligence to make changes to objects, people, or other details in a photo instead of applying filters to the entire image. Users can use several styles to apply to their photos. For example, by keeping the white color neutral, these filters can be used to display colors at warmer or cooler temperatures. Another option adds a more dramatic look with deeper shadows and more contrast. The company is planning to create a more balanced style to show true shadows and colors with a brighter look.


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