KTM X-Bow GT2 is the latest super sports car from the Austrian company.


The second road product of the Austrian company KTM X-Bow GT2 is undergoing road testing. This is a super sport from Audi RS3 turbocharged 5-cylinder engine Takes power.

KTM has a long history of manufacturing motorcycles as well as racing cars. Now the company intends to launch the city model X-Bow GT2.


Among the most important competitors of this supercar are Radical Rapture and Dalara Stradale.


This will be the second KTM road car. The open-top X-Bow has been sold by the company in various ways since 2008.

This product is due to its driving forces and light weight. It will be a significant competitor for other companies’ supercars.

2.5-liter turbocharged 5-cylinder engine mounted on the rear axle. Will be responsible for generating power. The maximum output of the engine is 600 hp and the maximum torque is 719 Nm.


The engine in the RS3 model produces only 295 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. 7-speed sequential gearbox with a slip-limit differential They are also responsible for transferring power to the two rear wheels.

it is expected that Dalara 80 kg carbon fiber chassis Used in this model as well. The roof section of the car will also be made of a steel cage approved by the FIA.

KTM motorcycle

There will also be the ability to open windows in this new KTM product.

The weight of the X-Bow GT2 racing model is equal to 1048 kg. Due to the additional equipment required for the urban model, its weight is expected to increase.


From the very beginning, however, KTM engineers have focused on making this product as light as possible throughout the development process.

KTM plans to produce 100 X-Bow GT2s per year.

There is no word on a final price at this time. But it is expected to have a lower price than the usual supersports on the market.

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