Japanese government agencies still use floppy disks!


The head of Japan’s digital reform ministry plans to proactively deal with floppy disks. In fact, today about 2,000 Japanese government processes still use this storage medium. But getting rid of the current situation is vital and Mr. Taro Kono has also mentioned this issue.

According to Taro Kono, the government will immediately investigate this practice. He also announced that Fumio Kishida; The Prime Minister of Japan has also expressed his full support for this plan. Also, Mr. Kono said with a humorous tone: “From what places will it be possible to buy a floppy disk today?”


It should be noted that Mr. Kono long before the Japanese government, due to the use of old technologies such as fax or hanko printing, which are used to sign official documents; has criticized Sony has stopped the supply of floppy disks since 2011; But a number of other companies continue to offer this product.

Japan’s regulatory agencies are trying to encourage government officials to abandon old and unreliable technologies and adopt online document management methods. The first 3.5-inch floppy disk was released back in 1981, and now floppy disks have been used as a primary external storage medium for over 20 years.

However, floppy disks were gradually abandoned over time, and Apple and Dell were the first players to stop using this medium. However, this is not the only problem of Japanese companies; Because many of them were not ready to end support for Internet Explorer 11 and this phenomenon created problems for them.

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