It was possible to make a voice call through Discord on Xbox consoles



With the announcement of Xbox, Zain Pass users will be able to use the Discord voice calling feature on Xbox. Stay with us in the details of this news.

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Discord is one of the most popular services among gamers around the world that allows players to make voice calls with minimal latency. Of course, this service has many other features, but its main use among gamers is its voice call. Other features of Discord include video calls and smart and efficient robots. Of course, Discord is not only for games and anyone can use its special features and quality calls.


The high popularity of Discord among gamers has made players who use consoles always ask for Discord to be added to their consoles. With the passage of time, there was no news of this happening. Last year, PlayStation announced a great collaboration with Discord, and after a year, the only thing that happened was the ability to link players’ accounts to Discord accounts so that your friends can move between the two accounts. This feature has been available on Xbox for a few years and is not exactly what the fans of the two companies are asking for.

Finally, Xbox announced its close cooperation with Discord and added that the two companies have been working hard to add Discord on Xbox in the last few months so that they can do this integration in the best possible way by designing a dedicated dashboard. Zain So Xbox users can use the features of Discord on their console and make voice calls with other Xbox users, PCs and even mobile phones.

Discord on Xbox

Xbox plans to provide a complete ecosystem for its players and take the game industry beyond traditional consoles. In line with this, Xbox launched its games on the computer and by making the necessary technologies, it was able to bring its games to mobile phones through XCloud. One of the features that Xbox places special emphasis on is the crossplay feature, which allows users of one platform to play with users of other platforms on a shared server. With the addition of Discord on Xbox, Discord will be present on all platforms supported by Xbox, allowing users to use their favorite voice calling service while cross-playing games.

Currently, this feature is provided for some users to ensure its quality by performing some tests, and finally it will be offered to all Xbox players through an update in the future.

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