It was brought up in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce meeting; The loss of internet interruption is equal to one third of the country’s total construction budget


The members of the delegation of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, in their monthly meeting, criticized the restrictions imposed on the country’s Internet on the grounds of security.

In this meeting, the representatives of the private sector considered the application of Internet restrictions and filtering as a cause of damage to businesses, especially micro and small businesses, and also warned against the discouragement and disappointment of the young and entrepreneurial class, and this approach caused They interpreted irreparable damage to human resources and inflicting financial losses on the country’s economy.


In this meeting, Farzin Fardis, the head of the Economic Innovation and Digital Transformation Commission of the Tehran Chamber, referring to the internet outage and the events that have happened to businesses in the field of information and communication technology in the past month, said: “Reviews show that in the past month, The disruption of the Internet network and the filtering of popular platforms has directly cost 35 thousand billion Tomans to the economy of information and communication technology.

Ferdis further pointed out that this sector has a share of 3.3% in the national GDP.

The head of the innovation economy commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce noted that the indirect damage to this sector has reached 45 thousand billion tomans.

80 thousand billion tomans loss to the country’s economy

According to these surveys, the total damage to online and digital businesses in the last month reaches 80 thousand billion tomans.

To understand the magnitude of this figure, it should be said that the construction budget of the entire country in 1401 was about 240 thousand billion Tomans. In other words, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce estimate of the damage caused by the internet interruption in just one month to the country’s economy is equivalent to one third of the country’s total construction budget for the current year.

With this in mind, it should be said that if the current situation continues, the country will suffer the economic burden of damage, which must be equivalent to 4 years of Iran’s construction budget.

More than 70% of private sector managers are satisfied with immigration

In the continuation of this meeting, Fardin Fardis, referring to the reasons for the adjustment of the expert workforce and the interest of the private sector managers in immigration, said: The Iranian Migration Observatory, in a survey conducted by about 6 thousand senior and middle managers in the private sector, announced that more than 70% of managers of economic enterprises have a great desire to immigrate.

In another part of his speech, he also mentioned the 50-70% reduction in payment transactions in the last month and also noted that in this model, there are about 500-700 thousand Instagram stores, one million people directly and eight million people indirectly. They are making money from them. They are closed.

At the end, Fardin Fardis stated that these days, the face of many digital industry activists in the country is gloomy and emphasized: the free flow of information brings more and continuous security to the country, and we, the activists of the innovation and technology economy, hope that wisdom and logic are the basis Decisions should be made in the country before it is too late.

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