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One of our prides at the IT Rasan website is working with technology enthusiasts and lovers, which in many cases has led to a lasting and close friendship.

Now, we are planning to increase the number of our colleagues in the web space and in this way, while increasing the quality and quantity of the site in terms of content, we will also increase the number of our close friends; To join the IT team, there are a series of conditions, the most important (and main) of which is to be in love! Of course, you don’t have to be in love with a specific person, but it is enough to be in love with technology and have a pure interest in this vast world of science! So if you feel this desire in your heart, read on.


Be careful to fill the form depending on your interest and expertise

The group that we intend to add to our group are loving and expert people, those who have a good ability to translate, compose and write good articles in the field of IT and see this ability in themselves that by spending enough time and continuing their interest in work, one Become our stable and long-term friends. If you are a volunteer in this department, wherever you are in Iran (and even this earth), you can be called one of our new colleagues. Pay attention to the options below, do you have enough skills in them?

Adequate command of English in the field of information technology or writing materials related to this field
Adequate ability to write and follow basic literary principles
Creativity and initiative to propose articles and write materials that are highly attractive and useful
Allowing enough time for a regular and continuous cooperation along with persistence for its continuation
Work and moral commitment to the IT team

If you have these conditions (don’t forget your lover!), fill out the form below depending on your interest and expertise and wait for us to send you an email. After that, a short period of our cooperation will begin and after it ends, if the conditions of cooperation are suitable, you will become one of the close friends of IT.

Of course, since it has been said since ancient times, love is not bread and water for a person! So, we will consider an amount to compensate for part of your hard work, which will be credited to your account at the end of every month after you join the stable IT team, so that your love is not only limited to spirituality! Indeed, we are looking for a long-term cooperation and if you join our permanent team, you can work in IT Rasan as long as you want.

After filling out the form, we will only contact you via email. So please check your email.

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Adib Zahedi is the CEO and Founder of He has nearly a decade of experience in IT, including two years spent working on a Youtube Chennal. He is also an author and writes articles for Has articles include tutorials and covers everything from Windows PCs to smartphone's software.

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