IT Rasan’s exclusive report on the unveiling of new J+ microwaves


On the last day, Goldiran unveiled 4 new G+ microwave models, with IT provider And stay tuned for an exclusive report on this event.

In this event, information about the brief history of G Plus and the important details of G Plus microwaves were given by Pouria Ziaei, the general manager of Goldiran Industries and Kasra Khazni, the microwave product manager, respectively, which we will describe below.


Currently, J Plus microwaves are the only models in the market that have received the approvals of the Standard Organization for the product and the Atomic Energy Organization for the production line, and are supplied with a valid 24-month warranty from Goldiran Company.

A brief history of Gmail

Mr. Ziyai said: When LG company left Iran due to sanctions, Goldiraan decided not to abandon the knowledge gained from this many years of cooperation and to use it. This is how G Plus brand was born by Goldiran in 2017. At first, this brand focused only on the production of domestic televisions, and over time, it expanded its production to other household appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines.

JPlus started with the promise of filling the void of big brands that had left Iran, and this year with the slogan “The Champion of All Promises”introduced the first family of Iranian microwaves.

J Plus microwave

J Plus microwaves

These microwaves are available in 4 different models targeting different price ranges with different efficiencies in 34, 36 and 42 liter dimensions. The high-end model of this product series will be available in two colors, black and white. These four products, named GMW-M346S, GMW-M347, GMW-M365B and GMW-M425S, are available for purchase now. The prices of these products will be 6,950,000, 13,200,00, 9,700,000 and 7,950,000 tomans respectively.

Different models of this series of products support a variety of cooking capabilities such as grill, convection and combination, as well as automatic cooking programs, defrosting, heating and healthy frying with low oil. Before the introduction of these microwaves, the only choice available in the market for people were illegal imported microwaves without valid approvals and guarantees.

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