It is not necessary to send country information to foreign servers and back


Ali Nikzad, the first vice-chairman of the Islamic Council, emphasized the importance of governance in cyber space in the closing ceremony of the “Media, Communication and Cyber ​​Governance” conference.

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In this ceremony, Nikzad said about the parliament’s position on filtering: No one in the parliament is looking for filtering, but no social event can take place without the law. Even if the law is bad, the law should be formed. Virtual space does not go anywhere in the world without law and it needs sovereign and jihadist management.


He believes that it is the management of cyber space that does not reflect the unique governance that is going on in the Islamic Republic, which is neither western nor eastern.

The deputy speaker of the parliament continued: If we don’t want to be independent, they will prevent the publication of Sardar Soleimani’s photo and remove us from the arena. The solution is that we realize the national network. The first solution is to bring the national information network in the real sense. If we want to do great things in the country, it should have the flavor of justice distribution, and our friends should go towards high-speed internet.

Referring to the advantages of setting up the National Information Network, Nikzad said: A safe Internet means an Internet that has a National Information Network. In the discussion of safe internet, we say that it is not necessary for the country’s information to go to foreign servers and come back. We say why they don’t consider the opposition. Our opinion is to have an ethical internet based on Islamic values, this is not filtering.

Nikzad emphasized: If there are any problems in this governance, it is due to non-compliance with the principles of speech of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Referring to the capabilities of the virtual space that became widespread during the pandemic, he explained: Corona caused something else to happen in our society, some officials who could not or did not want to adapt themselves to the virtual space in the world were forced to adapt and wake up. Officials in the Ministry of Science could not consider electronic tools in education. The changes that took place in people’s lives as a result of Corona were inevitable. These changes caused us to pay more serious attention to what the futurists announced. The concept of governance has changed with the advent of virtual space.

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