It becomes easier for users to access the Youtube Shorts service


The YouTube platform (Youtube) tries all tricks so that users visit this platform more to watch videos. YouTube has recently made changes to its platform environment to make it easier for users to access short and vertical videos on the platform.

Recently, the YouTube platform has placed increasing emphasis on improving the service “YouTube Shorts” (Youtube Shorts) The platform recently added a Shorts shelf to its Android TV operating system, but not all users are fans of smartphone-centric content. Fortunately, the YouTube platform now plans to make it easier than ever for users to access a variety of video formats.


This is good news for a large number of users who are fed up with paying a lot of money to use the subscription part of the platform (Youtube Premium).

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YouTube is releasing a new update for its smartphone app. In this update, dedicated headers such as Shorts service, live content and regular long videos will also appear at the top of the channel when the user visits the creator’s channel page.

Updating the YouTube application makes users more accessible to their favorite videos; In a more precise sense, users no longer have to scroll up and down the videos in the said service to reach their desired content. By clicking on the channel creator’s name, the user will be sent directly to their channel’s Shorts tab.

The YouTube Live tab will come in handy for streamers as it serves as a hub for all upcoming videos, streaming videos, scheduled videos, and archived videos from the channel creator.

Now that shorts and live videos have a separate space in producer channels; YouTube will remove them from the tab of access to all videos of each channel. This update works in such a way that the user reaches the desired content faster or avoids accessing the unwanted content. Other new headers have been released on YouTube channels, some of which are viewable on users’ devices.

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