Is the connection to the Internet sites disrupted?


According to the investigations of the IT Rasan team, many users had problems connecting to websites this morning.

Since this morning, domestic and foreign websites are not opening in Google Chrome browser, this problem has been announced by some internet taxi drivers, with the announcement of the drivers, users faced problems in paying for their taxi online and the ability to connect to the interface payment portal. did not have.


According to the review of the IT team, this problem is mostly seen in the Google Chrome browser, and in most cases there is no problem connecting to websites with other browsers.

Also, this problem can be seen when connecting to the Internet data of the first mobile operator and other operators and even Wi-Fi, and it is not related to a specific operator or ISP.

It should be noted that there is no problem in connecting to social networks and applications connected to the Internet, and this problem only appears when opening Internet sites.

What is your experience in using internet sites? Are you having problems connecting to websites? Share your experience with us.

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