Is a mined graphics card a good and risk-free purchase?


In this article, we discuss all aspects of buying a mined graphic card and measure its purchase value and risk.

The process of mining digital currency is a complex process, and the simplest explanation that can be given is that a miner (graphic card or dedicated device) obtains digital currency by processing various mathematical operations. During the last few years, Ethereum digital currency, which was mined with graphics cards, became very popular and provided huge profits for miners.


This incident caused the number of miners to increase day by day. This community expanded so much that it was no longer possible to buy a graphics card for most of the community! Because as soon as the new card is released, its stock is used up by the miners.

Ethereum changed its production process with the new integration it did this year and its mining was completely completed. As of the writing of this article, no new digital currency has been able to replace Ethereum well and be profitable for this number of miners. This means that a huge amount of graphics cards are left in the hands of many people who no longer have the old profits. Therefore, many of them decided to sell their cards.

This large-scale sale, apart from the huge impact it has had on the overall market price of graphics cards, has caused those who were looking to buy graphics cards to enter an important dilemma: Buying a new graphic card or buying a mined graphic card at a much lower price?

But there are many people who claim that buying a mined graphics card is a wrong and stupid thing to do. In this article, we intend to examine all aspects of this claim and reach a conclusion at the end. with us in IT provider be with

life span

All the products that are produced in the world have a useful life span; From food to electronic products. For some products, this life is less and for some more. In the world of technology, products that do not have a moving part can continue to operate for several years if they are well taken care of.

Buying a mined graphics card

All electronic parts are designed, manufactured and tested in such a way that they can continue to work for a long time without problems under normal conditions, that is, if, for example, the temperature of the card does not exceed a certain limit and is controlled, the card will not suffer any special problems. This means that unless there is a specific reason for the breakdown, there is no reason to worry.

In general, electronic components constantly have a series of small errors, these errors are present even in brand new products. Over time these errors become more and more until it causes some serious problems. These errors are completely normal events, and in fact, today’s parts count on the existence of these errors to continue working without problems.

So, in general, this process is very normal, but if the part we are talking about in this article about graphics cards, its temperature is not controlled or a heavy overclocking is applied to it, these errors will go out of the normal process and affect the life of the card. reduces

In the following, we will examine these two conditions during the mining process:

The intensity of digital currency mining

It may be strange to you, but the currency mining process is not as heavy a process for graphics cards as you think! It is true that mining with a card is a heavy process, but compared to playing, the stress is much less on the card. For example, the AMD 6600XT graphics card, in the Ethereum mining process, The temperature is 55 degrees produces , but in games this number is 80 It also arrives!

On the other hand, the digital currency extraction process must be profitable! If we examine this mining in a much more general way, graphics cards are actually powered and output money. For this reason, miners are constantly trying to reduce the power consumption of cards in order to get more profit with less expense. Also, Ethereum currency mining relies more on VRAM card memory than its processing cores.

The combination of the above two reasons causes all miners to overclock instead ofOverclock), download your cards (Undervolt, It means exactly the opposite of overclocking). This makes the card not overclocked and its temperature is not higher than normal and is much lower than other situations such as game.

So, mined graphics cards meet the two conditions that we mentioned in the operation length section and have no problem with this, that is, mining does not harm the normal life of graphics cards.

Fan of cartographics

In the introduction of the lifespan section of this article, we made a condition that products that do not have a moving part have a much longer lifespan. Graphics cards also have a moving part: fans!

The fan is the most important part When buying a graphics card, it is mined, you must pay attention to it, because this driving part is constantly working when the card is active, and on the other hand, the graphics card is also constantly being extracted! That is, the graphic card that has been mining digital currency for two years has the ability to withstand the pressure, but its fan has been working non-stop for two years!

Buying a mined graphics card

As we said in the previous section, gaming puts more pressure on the card, but mining puts too much pressure on the fan.

Of course, be aware that this does not mean that the fan will definitely be damaged during the mining process, because the manufacturers have also paid attention to these long-term points when designing the cooling system of the cards. What we mean is that if a part of the mined graphics card is going to be damaged, that part will be the fan.

Of course, it should be noted that fan cards can be replaced! That is, if the card you bought has a damaged fan, you can (if you find the right one in the market) replace the fan at a very low cost.

Summary of the purchase of mined graphics card

Please note that in this article, we came to the conclusion with various reviews that buying a mined graphic card does not have any particular problem or problem, but whatever it is, you are still buying a second-hand product! Buying second-hand products always has its own problems and risks. So it is better to present the result of this article as follows: Buying mined graphics cards is not more risky than buying normal second-hand graphics cards.

If you have any questions in this or other fields, you can ask our experts in the comments section.

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