Iran’s first rank in infected phones and the use of unsafe applications


According to Kaspersky’s new report from the first quarter of 2022, the people of Iran and China have the most contaminated mobile phones in the world due to the use of insecure software.

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In this report, it is mentioned that 35.2% of phones inside Iran are infected with various malware, that is, almost one out of every three phones is infected. The biggest threat that can be seen in the phones of Iranian users is advertising tools related to Notifyer and Fyben groups.


After Iran, China is the second country in the world with 26.8% of infected phones, although considering China’s billion population, 26% of infected phones means millions of unsafe mobile phones in this country. After China, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Morocco are in other ranks.

The main difference between Iranian or Chinese users and users in other countries of the world is the existence of extensive filtering in these countries. Iranian people use a large number of unofficial and mostly free VPNs for their daily work due to filtering, which increases the penetration and insecurity of phones. slow

Also, the installation of unofficial programs to bypass filtering or to use paid apps for free, as well as interface programs and applications of this type, which mainly contain various malware, has caused the contamination of mobile phones in Iran and China.

Turning Iranian users into zombies

Installing some applications will inadvertently make users the perpetrators of a cyber attack. These users are called botnets or zombies. In this method, instead of the attacker attacking his target from one point, he attacks his target from thousands of points using botnets or zombies.

This is while botnets themselves do not know that they have participated in a cyber attack as zombies, in fact this happens unknowingly. Many Iranian users are involved in these attacks by installing insecure applications and malware that appear to serve people.

Many DDoS attacks occur by abusing Telegram’s MTProxies, and the people using these proxies are probably botnets or zombies.

App stores themselves are the source of spreading malware

According to this report, many official software stores and Android markets provide users with harmful applications.

Users should be aware that the ratings of these programs may be exaggerated in order to download a program. Even fake reviews may be seen about them in app stores which are positive reviews as expected.

Therefore, the most important thing that can be done against phones being infected is to increase users’ cyber knowledge. Contamination of mobile phones and other devices used by users can happen in different ways.

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