Iranian authorities have issued permission to use cryptocurrencies to import foreign goods


Iranian government officials have given permission to domestic companies to use digital currencies to pay for imported goods. This news was reported by Tasnim news agency and quoted by Reza Fatemi Amin; The Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade of Iran has published in the exhibition of the automobile industry in Tehran.

For example, Iranian businessmen can now use digital currencies instead of using dollars or euros to import cars. According to the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, financial transactions based on digital currencies will be processed for the import of goods from the country.


In early 2022, the Central Bank of Iran and the Ministry of Security agreed to connect the central bank’s payment platform to the bazaar system. The agreement allows businesses to make international payments using cryptocurrencies. The first import order using digital currency as a payment method was registered in Iran on August 9. The total amount of this deal was about 10 million dollars.

As a reminder, it should be noted that earlier in April 2021, the Central Bank of Iran gave permission to the country’s financial institutions to use digital currencies in order to pay for the import of goods from outside Iran. However, commercial banks only received permission to use bitcoins or virtual currencies that were mined by miners under the supervision of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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