Irancell’s announcement regarding the fire in the communication pool of Iran Telecommunication Company


It was around noon yesterday that extensive disruptions were felt in the country’s Internet network and many users lost their access to the network. These disruptions continued until late last night, and the Regulatory Organization wrote in its announcement that it will resolve this problem by this morning.

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Users announced that despite the antenna display on their mobile phones, they were unable to access the Internet and even some users had lost the ability to make calls. Many internet services and platforms were also interrupted last night, and banking systems were also disrupted.


In this way, Irancell published an announcement regarding the disconnection of this operator’s network. Irancell public relations announced in this announcement:

  • Due to the fire in the communication basin of the Quds Center of Iran Telecommunication Company, since 13:40 yesterday, Monday, August 10, 1401, there have been problems for the communication and internet of subscribers of fixed and mobile operators in Tehran.
  • Fortunately, with the technical measures implemented, all the problems that arose for the conversation and internet of Irancell subscribers were completely resolved by 4:00 p.m. last day.
  • Irancell is ready to host the subscribers of operators who have not been able to bring their network to stable conditions, through national roaming, at the requested points.

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