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In this article, we will examine the base model of the iPhone 14 from the perspective of the top critics in the field of technology and we will have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of this phone from their point of view.

It was the middle of September this year Introduction of iPhone 14 In the noisy Apple ceremony live in IT provider We covered and the specifications of the iPhone 14 series, including the base model, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, were officially presented.


According to the usual custom of IT Rasan, after the introduction of each phone, iPhone 14 with its previous generations (base models of iPhone 12 and 13) in This comparison And then put it up against Samsung Galaxy S22, Xiaomi 12S and Huawei Mate 50. this matter We compared them along with their specifications table.

Today, we are going to take a new step towards reviewing the iPhone 14 and review the opinions of some of the best critics in the field of technology and mobile phones. We also compare its strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of these critics, and we provide you with their commonalities and differences in a table at the end of the article.

We did exactly the same thing for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which you can see in the article “iPhone 14 Pro Max review by top technology critics” read. Every reviewer and review website has its own style, expression and points of view, and as much as we can, we try to express their content in the same language for you.

iPhone 14 reviews Techradar website

website techradarbegins his review by pointing out the iPhone 14’s modest improvements over the previous generation, under the title “small but valuable improvements,” saying that it’s hard to say that for an iPhone with a previous-generation design, a previous-generation display, and a previous-generation CPU, He was delighted.

TechRadar believes the iPhone 14 is a capable phone with a very clean CPU, a lovely display and good cameras. This critic points out that the features of the iPhone 14 are naturally less than the iPhone 14 Pro, but it will cost you 200 dollars or 250 euros less.

If you’re not looking for a big screen and you’re looking for a more budget-friendly phone, this decent, but unremarkable iPhone, with a few next-gen features you might never use, could be the right choice for you.

At the end of its review, TechRadar says that the iPhone 14 is not the fastest and most powerful phone on the market, but it is light, smooth and attractive, and has improvements in the field of camera and battery life compared to the previous generation.

Strengths weak points
+ Familiar design and quality construction

+ Suitable internal parts for heat dissipation

+ Camera with better TrueDepth capability

+ Emergency radio communication

– The notch on the top of the screen is still there

– A15 Bionic chip of the previous generation

– Improvements are mostly minor

In general, TekRadar was not very enthusiastic about this phone and was rather disappointed about the few changes compared to the previous generation and called the iPhone 14 very similar to the iPhone 13. Many times in the review of iPhone 14 by Tekradar, it is recommended that users consider iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max for more features such as a better 48 megapixel camera or the absence of a disturbing notch on the screen.

The topic of most interest to Tekradar was the software, which this reviewer believes is one of the best recent updates from Apple.

Read this review on the main site of techradar

iPhone 14 reviews tom’s guide website

website tom’s guide Relatively similar to Tekradar, it starts its review with a title that refers to the few changes of the iPhone 14 compared to the previous generation: “iPhone 14 is the best value among iPhones (referring to its low price), but a certain leap from It is not considered as iPhone 13.

Tom’s Guide says the iPhone 14 is a great phone for what you pay for it (certainly not in Iran), offering better cameras, a smoother A15 Bionic chip, and an interesting Action mode for filming.

This website is disappointed by the lack of telephoto zoom and the lack of a 120 Hz display, and admits that at this price, it expected such capabilities. This reviewer also encourages its users to consider the iPhone 14 Plus for the larger screen and better battery.

Strengths weak points
+ Excellent cameras

+ Attractive and pleasant display

+ The performance of the A15 Bionic chip

+ Admirable Action mode feature for filming

– Screen refresh rate is still 60 Hz

– No optical zoom

– No physical SIM card slot, which may be annoying

Tom’s Guide’s review of the iPhone 14 wasn’t too different from TekRadar. It can almost be said that the sum of the negative points that both of them said is to some extent a complete set of negative points of this smartphone, especially the lack of a physical SIM card slot, which will be troublesome for Iranian users.

In general, Tom’s Guide believes that the iPhone 14 does not look very new and is something like a more powerful model than the iPhone 13, but it is from the same family. Users of this website are encouraged to use iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max to use more features and experience a real flagship.

Read this review on the main site of Tom’s Guide

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iPhone 14 reviews The Verge website

website The Verge He gave an interesting nickname to iPhone 14 and started his article with this title: Meet iPhone 13S! “Minor camera improvements, new emergency functionality, and…not much else!”

From the beginning of The Verge’s review of the iPhone 14, it is clear that it will not have a positive approach to this Apple product. This site continued to write: “iPhone 14 is good. You probably shouldn’t buy an iPhone 14.”

The reviewer goes on to explain his strange opening sentence: “If those two phrases were strange to you, let me explain this way: the iPhone 14 is absolutely capable. Its chip can handle everything from daily tasks to graphics-heavy games. Its cameras are capable of taking very good photos and recording the best possible videos at this level. All of this is true of the iPhone 14, but all of this is also true of the iPhone 13!”

This description actually summarizes the opinion and review of iPhone 14 by The Verge website. This reviewer repeatedly points out that the iPhone 13 has almost the same capabilities as the iPhone 14, and considering its price is $100 cheaper than the iPhone 14, it is still worth buying. We will have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone 14 in this review in the form of this table:

Strengths weak points
+ Better selfie camera

+ Good battery life

+ Good accident detection and radio assistance request system

– It looks more like the iPhone 13S

– The display is still 60 Hz

Electronic SIM card is mostly convenient, but it will be painful for some!

In general, as it was clear from the beginning, The Verge, like most sites, was disappointed by the small improvements of the iPhone 14 compared to its previous generation, as well as points such as the 60 Hz display, which is not considered very acceptable in this generation.

Not to mention that in this review, the small improvements of the iPhone 14 compared to its previous generation were mentioned, such as a better sensor for the main camera and automatic accident detection; But these improvements are naturally not so impressive as to be acceptable for a new generation of phones.

In the end, The Verge also points out an interesting point: because the camera has become a little thicker, the iPhone 13 case does not fit the iPhone 14.

Read this review on the main site of The Verge

iPhone 14 reviews GSMArena website

GSMArena has almost followed the procedure of previous sites and in the conclusion section of its review, it mentions that the iPhone 14 is a “familiar” phone and has some upgrade over its previous generation.

What GSMArena specifically mentions, which has not been seen on other sites, is the internal redesign of the iPhone 14, which makes it easier to repair. The iPhone 14 battery has become slightly larger, but its battery life has increased significantly and supports faster charging.

Its chip is the A15 Bionic of the previous generation, but it has 5 graphics cores and its 6 GB RAM has increased by 50% compared to the previous generation. This critic goes on to talk about its camera specifications and the slight upgrade of its main camera sensor, and also mentions the Action mode feature to prevent shaking in filming.

Strengths weak points
+ Complete redesign of internal parts for better repairability

+ Old bright screen, HDR10, Dolby Vision and excellent color accuracy

+ Good battery life

+ Loud stereo speakers with excellent output

+ Very good performance despite having an old chip, but efficient

+ Excellent photo and video quality between three cameras

+ Autofocus features for selfie camera and action mode for filming

+ Having at least 5 years of iOS updates

– A very slight improvement over the iPhone 13

– The big difference in its capabilities with iPhone 14 Pro: lack of 120 Hz display, A16 Bionic chip, camera zoom and autofocus for the ultrawide camera

– The notch is still there

– Fast charging is not very fast and there is no charger

– The limitations of the iOS operating system may be difficult for new users of this ecosystem

GSMArena says that this list of changes, if you pay close attention to them, is not very minor, and it is up to the audience to judge whether these improvements are enough or not; But this site itself says: “In our opinion, for those who have iPhone 13, there are very few reasons to migrate to iPhone 14. We even say that iPhone 12 users should not be too eager to buy iPhone 14 and can wait another year to upgrade their phone.”

Read this review on GSMArena main site

General summary and comparison

Finally, it is better to have a general summary of the reviews of these 4 sites that we reviewed together. For this summary and a better understanding of the common points and disagreements of these critics, what better than to see the features that are repeated several times in the strengths of each site in the table below?

Common strengths among critics Repetition times Common weaknesses among critics Repetition times
High-quality cameras and photo and video recording features 4 Similar to iPhone 13 / very few improvements compared to iPhone 13 4
Ability to detect accidents and request automatic radio assistance 2 60 Hz display
(I was expecting a 120 Hz display)
Good quality screen 2 Old A15 Bionic chip 2
battery life 2 Notch at the top of the page 2
Design and construction 2 Lack of physical SIM card support 2
The chip is still good and powerful 2 No strong zoom or optical zoom for the camera 2

In general, unlike iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 reviews on most sites were very similar. All of them, mentioning the minor improvements of iPhone 14 compared to the previous generation, criticized its low progress and were somehow disappointed, and while they considered the performance of this smartphone to be excellent in itself, there was no reason to upgrade from iPhone 13 or even iPhone 12 to They did not see 14.

what is your opinion? Do you agree with these critics? Which review of iPhone 14 do you consider more fair?

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