IPhone 14 Pro with two holes instead of notch


Since the introduction of Notch on the iPhone X, there has been no major change in the design of this part of Apple iPhones. But next year we expect the Apple to finally abandon the design and use two holes instead. However, apparently not all iPhone 14 models will benefit from this design change this year, and the holes are only on Pro models Will be provided.

According to Ross Young, CEO of DSCC and display market analyst, Apple will begin to drop the notch at the top of the screen in 2022. Instead, Apple will use two holes for there iPhone pro models. One of these holes in the shape Capsule And will host Face ID sensors. The second hole circular And hosts a selfie camera.

However, this new design will only be available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Standard iPhone 14 models continue to use the notch, which is slightly smaller than last year, similar to the iPhone 13 series. Yang claims that Apple iPhones in the 2023, all four models iPhone 15 series Will be equipped with a dual cavity design.

IPhone 14 Pro

The holes in the iPhone 14 Pro will be about the size of a notch

The informed source says that the size of these two holes is almost the size of the current notch of iPhones, but it takes up a few pixels less around it. He also raised the possibility that the size of both cavities in 2023 will be small Smaller But it is not clear how much this reduction will be.

Ross Yang believes that Apple is the future of the system Face ID Moves to the bottom of the screen. “This requires a redesign of the panel in order to maintain the high accuracy of the Facebook ID,” he said. “Probably the most important part of this transition is the placement of the Yb / MgAg cathode on the OLED stack.” He suggests solutions to the problem, and says a supplier has been able to get Apple approval to use the solution.

Nevertheless, the Facebook ID below the display is up to years 2023 It is not ready, probably because coordination between the display and sensor teams will be difficult.


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