Introducing the top 3 voice editing applications for the Android phones


Audio is a media format that can contain a song, a podcast, or any other audio, and audio, like image files, needs to be edited and mixed to make it more appealing. This is usually done on a computer with audio systems, but there are also apps for the phone that do this. In this article, you will get acquainted with the best voice editing applications.

What is the difference between a voice editing application for a phone and a computer?

First of all, we have to say that in the field of video, video editing applications have made great progress, so much so that it can be claimed that you can make extremely attractive edits without the need for a computer and with just one phone. But in the field of sound, it is not possible to edit professionally, and you can count on these applications as much as normal tasks.

With this introduction, we enter the review of 3 voice editing applications for the phone.


Dolby On sound editing application

Dolby’s application is an application for recording sound and improving the quality and various edits on the same recorded sound.

When you enter the application, you will be presented with three main options: the middle button for audio recording, the left option for video recording, and the right option for live streaming. After recording the sound, you can use the option at the bottom left to view the recorded sounds or upload a sound from memory to edit it yourself.

After selecting the sound, you can use the Tools option to give different styles to the sound, eliminate the sound noise, adjust the tone or cut part of it. Then, by clicking on the share option, you can save the final audio file or share it in another app.

One of the weaknesses of this application is the inability to mix sounds. In general, Dolby on is an application with a professional user interface for audio recording and other improvements and edits.

  • Google Play downloads: More than 1 million times
  • Google Play users rating: 4.1
  • Initial volume: 52.5 MB
  • Available operating systems: Android, iOS
  • Minimum Android required: 8.0
  • Possibility to mix sound: does not have

Download from Google Play

Download from the App Store

Mstudio sound editing application

Mstudio is a voice editing application that offers a variety of audio editing tools.

The application has a simple and categorized user interface that is specific to each tool and is very easy to work with. After entering the application, there are 13 tools for audio editing and 2 video editing tools.

You can use one of the tools in each edition, and if you want to use two or more features, you have to use the tools one by one and save the newly created file and apply another tool again on the new file.

Options include playback, video cutting, audio mixing, audio mixing, audio recording, format conversion, speed change, audio muting, audio separation, volume cutting (Omit), bit rate change, audio reversing, and volume adjustment Are sound.

One of the disadvantages of this application is that it does not have the ability to record audio in the program itself, you have to record your sounds using an interface application and enter this program after saving it in the device. There are also in-app ads that are a staple of free apps.

Overall, Mstudio is a great app with good categorization for different applications that can easily meet many of your audio editing needs.

  • Google Play download number: More than 1 million times
  • Google Play users rating: 4.1
  • Initial volume: 18.8 MB
  • Available operating systems: Android
  • Minimum Android required: 4.4
  • Possibility to mix sound: has it

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WaveEditor sound mixing application

View Editor is an application for mixing and giving different effects to sound.

View Editor is almost a smaller version of Adobe Edition designed for Android, this app allows you to edit audio up to 2 tracks at the same time, which means you can mix only 2 music together.

At the top there are several tabs for managing tracks and adding different effects to the sound. File tab The main option is Export. In the Edit tab, copy, paste, delete, ando and redo options are available.

With the Macro tab, you can apply a variety of effects and tools to the sound, such as Fade in and Fade out. You can also use the Track section to manage tracks and add or remove tracks.

There are many effects in the effects section that you can use depending on your needs. It is also possible to record audio in the application itself.

Although the user interface may be annoying in some cases due to the small screen of the phone, but the ability to mix (despite the limitation of 2 cracks) is a good advantage for this application and you can put this app in your list of favorites.

  • Google Play downloads: More than 5 million times
  • Google Play users rating: 4.0
  • Initial volume: 11.3 MB
  • Available operating systems: Android
  • Minimum Android required: 4.4
  • Possibility to mix sound: has it

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In this article, we have introduced the best applications for audio editing, there are better applications in this field, and even the video editing applications themselves offer many capabilities for audio editing. If you know a better app, be sure to share it with us in the comments section.


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