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Know the best sites for buying gift cards

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Buying a gift card is one of the best ways to bypass international sanctions against Iranian users. With this method, you can use gift cards to pay for the subscription of functional and streaming services, the cost of software, or in-app and in-game purchases. Iranian intermediary sites offer a variety of gift cards to customers, the most popular of which are Google Play, Apple iTunes, Steam and Netflix gift cards. In this article, with the help of Dicardo’s news team, we will introduce some of the most popular gift card buying sites in Iran, their benefits and some of their various products.


1. The website is an online store with a history

The IR gift card site is one of the best and oldest online stores in the field of selling all kinds of gift cards. The high variety of gift card types is one of the most important advantages of this site and you can buy each gift card at different prices in dollars or according to the region of the gift card at the price of other fiat currencies such as pounds and euros. Of course, you don’t need to pay in foreign currency for this, but all amounts are paid in Rials.

2. website is an online store

Gift Card Store is one of the specialized gift card sales centers in Iran. This website is one of Apple NIC’s subcategories and has been in this field for about 5 years. The purchase of gift cards on this site is done automatically, and based on this, you can buy from this site at any time of the day or night. One of the advantages of this site is the 24-hour support.

3. Iranicard website in the field of buying gift cards and foreign currency payments

Iranikart is a well-known and long-established company that started its work by providing international currency payment services. This group operates in 3 fields of foreign exchange payment services, gift card sales and cryptocurrency services, and the office of this group is located in Isfahan city. The gift cards section of this site is divided into Visa and MasterCard gift cards, application and online payment gift cards, and game gift cards. The purchase steps on this site have the following steps:

  • Register on Iranikart website
  • Register a gift card purchase request
  • Complete information and payment
  • Send gift card by email

4. Mobogift site

Mobogift is an online store owned by Rama Tejarat Pasargad. This store has started its work since 2014 under the name of Apple Card 24. In the course of its activity, Mobogift has been able to receive the 2-star trust symbol from the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Security. The office of this group is also located in Isfahan city. The advantages of buying from this site include 24-hour support and easy authentication and online payment procedures.

5. website, the best store for buying gift cards

Dicardo is one of the best and most active sites in Iran in the field of selling all kinds of gift cards for functional sites, international services, popular software and various games. Dicardo is also the first website with an official license from the National Computer Games Foundation and a license from the Digital Media Institute and the electronic trust symbol. Below we mention some of the products of this website.

  • Buy a gift card

(including buying PlayStation gift cards, buying iTunes gift cards, Razer, Steam gift cards, etc.)

  • In-app payments of mobile games (buying CP Kalaf Duty, buying Jam Freefire, etc.)
  • Buying a legal PlayStation 4 and 5 account

(including buying a legal FIFA account, buying an Assassin’s Creed account, buying a legal Elden Ring account, etc.)

  • Buying premium accounts

(including buying a premium Spotify account, buying a premium Netflix account, buying an Apple Music account, etc.)

  • Buy Steam and Origin games

(including buying Steam FIFA game and buying Rambosix game and…)

  • Payment on foreign websites and thousands of other possibilities

We can point out that DiCardo’s team has one of the best support teams that you can contact for advice and purchase.

6. Giftcard 98 website

Gift Card 98 operates in two fields: online currency payment and gift card sales. This site can provide these services to customers in all areas where they need to pay in foreign currency with debit card, Mastercard and PayPal’s foreign currency payment service. Note that this site operates its foreign exchange services on Saturdays to Wednesdays from 8am to 1am, on Thursdays from 8am to 6pm and on Fridays from 12pm to 4pm.

7. Game code site: buy gift card, in-app purchase

Gamecode is one of the active sites in the fields of gift card sales, in-app purchases and in-game purchases. For example, in the field of in-game purchases, it is possible to mention the purchase of common currencies and jams of popular games.

8. The gift site

Gift Row is a specialized site in the field of selling all kinds of gift cards. This site has started its work since 2012. GiftroGift buys its gift cards from its vendors and agents abroad in physical form and these gift cards have a physical scan. Users on this site do not need to go through complicated registration procedures and the information that is requested from them is: mobile phone number, landline number and email address. We review some of the gift cards that can be purchased from this site:

  • League Of Legends gift card
  • Skype gift card
  • Apex gift card
  • Minecraft gift card

9. Gift Max site

Gift Max is another specialized site for buying gift cards in Iran. This site has an electronic trust symbol from the Ministry of Security and its headquarters is located in Tabriz. Gift Max also has an active blog section in the fields of getting to know gift cards and gift card charging training. We review the title of some of the blog content of this site:

  • How to use the Xbox gift card
  • Learning how to use and buy APEX Legend gift cards
  • Everything you need to know about Twitch gift cards
  • Teaching how to create Battlenet account and CDK activation
  • Complete Uplay training and how to use Uplay
  • Everything you need to know about Epic Games

10. Fars Gamer site

Among the online stores, Fars Gamer has the electronic trust symbol and organization symbol and is active in the field of selling all kinds of gift cards, services and applications, as well as jam games. The team of this collection started their work in 2017 under the name of Fortnite Fa. Finally, in 1400, this team launched their own gift card purchase site called Fars Gamer. The office of this group is located in North Khorasan and Bojnord city.


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