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In this article, we introduce the best FIFA 23 players in different categories that are worth buying. with us in IT provider be with

FIFA 23 is so full of talented players – over 19,000 in fact – that choosing which ones to buy in the game’s Career mode is no easy task. Sure, everyone has heard of Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe, but if you were looking for a new signing, which player would you go for?


We’ve put together this guide to showcase some of the best players you can buy in FIFA 23. We’ve tried to avoid the obvious choices, instead showcasing a diverse group of players who are no less talented but less known. Get hold of them and you’re sure to find success in your FIFA 23 Career.

tip: Player ratings and attributes are regularly updated in FIFA 23. Everything shown here is accurate at the time of publication.

The best player to buy in FIFA 23

We start with three of the best players you can buy in FIFA 23. These players aren’t exactly the highest rated, but they all have great starting ratings and incredible potential.

They are Simon

The first person is Unai Simon. If you are looking for a talented goalkeeper who can get even better, this player should be your first choice.

The best player of FIFA 23

A starting score of 83 makes him a great option for almost any team, and with the potential of 86 he could develop nicely to become one of the best goalkeepers in the game. He is especially good at positioning and reflexes, so he needs to react quickly to shots from wherever they come.

Some of Simon’s characteristics:

  • Post: GK
  • Score: 83
  • Potential: 86
  • Price: $45.1 million
  • Club: Athletic Club

Ronald Araujo

Need a new defense general? This player is for you. Ronald Araújo ticks all the boxes for a traditional centre-back with excellent tackling, strength, aerial ability and ball control – but he is not a one-dimensional player. He is surprisingly quick for a big man and adds class with his composure and passing technique.

The best player of FIFA 23

Not only that, but he has 89 potential, meaning he could become one of the best center backs in the game if he plays well. That means he has value now before his price goes up.

Some characteristics of Ronald Araujo:

  • Post: CB
  • Score: 83
  • Potential: 89
  • Price: $66.9 million
  • Club: FC Barcelona

Victor Osiman

At the other end of the pitch, we have Victor Osiman. This is a striker who has everything. 88 finishing and 85 positioning enable him to be in the right place to finish any chance that comes his way.

He is quite quick and has great stamina, so he can play well throughout the two halves. However, he is also strong and excellent in the air. If you need any reinforcements in the attack department, Osiman can be a great option.

Even better, he’s just getting started. While his 83 rating makes him pretty good right now, his 89 potential means he could become one of the best strikers in the world in a few seasons. This makes him worth any price.

Some characteristics of Victor Osiman:

  • Post: ST
  • Score: 83
  • Potential: 89
  • Price: $71.7 million
  • Club: Napoli

The best young players in FIFA 23

There are some incredibly exciting young players in FIFA 23, and we’ve tracked down most of them to find the best 19-year-olds or under to start the game. If you are looking to build your team for the future and are financially strapped, these are the players to consider.


The most talented youngster of FIFA 23 is surely a father from Barcelona. At just 19 years old, his 85 rating is better than the vast majority of players have ever achieved in the game. But he is just getting started and with 92 potential, he will easily become one of the best in the world.

The best player of FIFA 23

He has already been labeled the ‘perfect midfielder’ thanks to his combination of superb dribbling, overall ability and superb passing and vision. He’s a playmaking central midfielder, so put him alongside your midfield to make your team’s best attacking moves through him.

Some paternal characteristics:

  • Post: CM
  • Score: 85
  • Potential: 92
  • Price: $132.8 million
  • Club: FC Barcelona

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham, one of FIFA’s leading young talents, is not unlike his father in his style of play. His key strengths are his passing and dribbling, making him a great conduit for your attacks.

The best player of FIFA 23

But Bellingham adds another element: He’s a true box-to-box player, meaning he’s strong in both tackling and shooting. Wherever he is on the field, he can do something special.

Some characteristics of Jude Bellingham:

  • Post: CM
  • Score: 84
  • Potential: 91
  • Price: $100.4 million
  • Club: Borussia Dortmund

Jamal Musyala

Jamal Musyala is not only a very promising young player, but also very flexible. His main position is attacking midfielder, but he can play as winger, central midfielder and also as a central striker. This feature alone makes him a valuable player for any team.

With a potential of 91, he is undoubtedly a talented prospect for the future, but he is already a top player and his dribbling, passing and agility make him very difficult for opposing defenses. Not only that, but he has five-star skills that make him a complete player.

Some characteristics of Jamal Musyale:

  • Post: CAM
  • Score: 82
  • Potential: 91
  • Price: $81.6 million
  • Club: FC Bayern München

The best deals on FIFA 23

You don’t need to spend big to improve your team, because there are many players in FIFA 23 that are worth buying for less. Here are three of the best cheap players to buy.

Yousefi Mokoko

It’s hard to believe that you can get a player of Yusufah Mokoko’s talent for less than $4 million, but it’s totally possible in the game! He’s already incredibly quick and has good points for his classification, so he’s a perfect fit for a team that likes to play counter-attacking football.

In addition, he has 78 and four-star dribbling skills, so he can easily beat defenders one-on-one. Play with him and develop him to his 89 potential and he’ll probably be one of the best strikers you’ll ever have.

Some details of Yousefi Mokoko:

  • Post: ST
  • Score: 71
  • Potential: 89
  • Price: $3.9 million
  • Club: Borussia Dortmund

Antonio Noosa

Antonio is a player with 87 acceleration, 85 running speed, 86 balance, 78 dribbling and four-star skills, which makes him a big problem for the opposing team’s defense. Noosa is just as good on the left as he is on the right.

And for just $3.2 million, you’ll get a player with 88 potential, making him one of the best deals in FIFA 23. It’s hard to turn down this potential at such a price!

Some characteristics of Antonio Noosa:

  • Post: LW
  • Score: 68
  • Potential: 88
  • Price: $3.2 million
  • Club: Club Brugge

Antonio Silva

With Antonio Silva, Benfica have found themselves a fully modern centre-back. He has all the main attributes required of a centre-back, stamina, tackling and reactions in midfield are among his best qualities, but he goes beyond that to be better and stronger than many of his peers.

With a 79 run speed and 76 acceleration, he is fast as a middle linebacker. His 74 short pass, 73 long pass and 74 composure rating mean Silva is confident with the ball at his feet and can pick a long or short pass and deliver it well. If you want that extra dimension in defence, you don’t have to pay big, just pick up Antonio Silva.

Some characteristics of Antonio Silva:

  • Post: CB
  • Score: 69
  • Potential: 87
  • Price: 3.5 million dollars
  • Club: SL Benfica

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