Introducing the best and most secure digital currency wallet for Android and iOS


nowadays Digital currency trading It has been widely spread and welcomed by people. An important issue in this field is knowing the tools that allow the use of these currencies in different times and places. Mobile wallets are easy to use and can be used on your smartphones.

By knowing the digital currency wallet for Android and iOS, you can store your currencies on any type of phone and operating system. To choose a digital currency wallet, you should consider the appropriate criteria and choose the most secure and reliable ones. There are different types of wallets that are chosen according to the amount of assets and according to the needs of each person. By observing security tips, people’s assets are protected from danger. Stay with us until the end of this report The best and safest digital currency wallet for Android and iOS to introduce to you dear users.


The development path of digital currencies

The world is always changing and these changes are clearly visible. Digital currencies have made improvements over time that will be mentioned in this section. In 2010, Bitcoin was not known among many people, and many elders believed that it would not gain popularity among people.

In less than a year, it became clear that only a few people, especially computer experts, use these bitcoins. Between 1392 and 1395, a position was taken against the issue that digital currencies are used by thieves, money launderers and gamblers.

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2017 was also the year when they announced that a small percentage of people use bitcoins. In 1399, digital currencies were used by small companies, and in 1400, it was stated that small countries use these cryptocurrencies, but in 1405, it is likely that people will be able to interact with the whole world without restrictions and with complete freedom.

Types of digital currency wallets

Digital currency wallets are divided into 3 general categories. These three categories are: hardware, software And paper. These wallets, like any system or method, have a series of disadvantages and a series of advantages, which should be considered to choose the type of wallet suitable for your work.

The most important benefits Hardware and paper wallets, high securityThey are considered. The type of software that mobile wallet is one of them is very useful and easy to use. They can also be used at any time and place.

By using smartphones, you can use the features of these types of wallets. It should be noted that the constant connection to the Internet puts them at greater risk and cyber attacks may also happen. In this context, there are methods that increase their security; But again, the risk is not 100% eliminated and a lot of care must be taken to avoid any problems.

Software can have various capabilities, all of which depends on the opinion of its developers. The diversity of their services will be effective in attracting more audiences. The best and The most secure cryptocurrency wallet for Android and iOS should be selected and used in your operating system. Each operating system will have its own wallet; Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with both types so that in case of changing the phone and operating system type, wallets can be used again to store digital currency.

Introducing the best digital currency wallet for Android and iOS

There are many wallets that can be used to store digital currency. In this section, a number of digital currency wallets for Android and iOS will be mentioned.

Trust Volt

Binance exchange is one of the famous exchanges that introduced TrustVault wallet in 2018. This wallet is considered one of the best cryptocurrency wallets for Android and iOS. Free download, support for most cryptocurrencies, support for both Android and iOS operating systems are among the advantages of this wallet; Also, private keys are not stored in the wallet servers, which is also considered one of the advantages. Along with these advantages, its disadvantages should also be mentioned. The disadvantage of TrustVault is that it is not as secure as hardware wallets.


Another mobile wallet is Abra, which will be useful for both beginners and professionals. Its advantages are easy to use, having an exchange and a wallet together, and supporting a wide range of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. An important thing to consider about this type of wallet is the presence of geographic restrictions on some of its banking services; It also has a lot of fees.

Jax Liberty

Jax Liberty is the best cryptocurrency wallet for Android and iOS that can be used to start investing. The most important feature of this wallet is the ability to transfer digital currency without the need for an exchange.


Board is another digital currency wallet that has a lot of security and is popular among different people. Board wallet is directly connected to the blockchain network. Simple use, its high availability on mobile phones and support for direct purchase of cryptocurrency are among the advantages of this wallet.


Green wallet is designed in a simple and clear way. This wallet has good security, which increases its use among investors. The negative thing about it is that it does not support the password theme; It means that it only supports Bitcoin.


This type of wallet is designed in such a way that it can support many digital currencies. Its impressive security makes it one of the The best cryptocurrency wallets for Android introduces Not opening the code is also considered the fault of this wallet.

ledger live

This wallet is possible Buy digital currency provides from its official company Coinify. By installing it on the phone, you can exchange digital currency; It can also be used on desktop. Without having a hardware wallet, it will not be possible to use this wallet.


Another one of the best cryptocurrency wallets for Android and iOS is the Coinbase wallet. Using this wallet, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies; But the main goal is to store users’ digital currencies.

Dedicated wallet

One of the services of the wallet is to provide a dedicated wallet where users can create an account for themselves and create subcategories with their desired name. This feature allows users to convert currency into money in any of their accounts. By doing this, the currency will not increase or decrease from the account of other members and it is only you who can manage your currencies.

my wallet; The most secure internal digital currency wallet

My wallet is a system that has considered new style and standards for keeping digital currencies and made them available to real and legal people. This wallet is always trying to expand the digital currency market and make improvements in this field.

This exchange is with its users in the field of global markets and trading in these markets and provides valuable services to them. One of the important features that every wallet should have is security. My wallet is presented as one of the best in terms of security and assures its users that they can safely use this exchange to carry out digital currency transactions and storage.

This site is considered a suitable platform for investors and the possibility of selling and Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 1500 other digital currencies are there. Another advantage that can be mentioned is 24-hour support and response to all users’ bugs and problems.

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