Introducing 7 of the most important features of macOS 13 that you don’t know


The next macOS update will be officially released this fall. In this article, we are going to discuss the most important features of macOS 13 under the pretext of releasing a new version of the Mac operating system. with us in IT provider be with
When it was first announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, macOS 13 Ventura was mainly known for its Stage Manager, PassCodes, Continuity Camera and a few other new features. If you intend to create an Apple ID, you can read the tutorial on IT Rasan.

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Using beta builds to preview macOS 13 Ventura for nearly two months, we’ve had the chance to explore some of the lesser-known features of macOS 13 Ventura in this impressive new software update that’s set to hit the public this fall. . Each of these features should find a large audience in the coming months.


1. Faster security updates

The days when Macs were immune to viruses and malware are long gone. For this reason, we always recommend making sure you have the latest version of macOS installed on your computer. However, with macOS 13 Ventura, Apple has introduced “security enhancements” that are automatically applied between regular updates. These updates do not require an intrusive reboot. While there is no logical reason to do so, you can disable these automatic security enhancements and go through a manual process if you prefer.

2. Improve the password section

Apple hopes to finally do away with traditional passwords with its PassKeys feature. But, until that happens, Apple plans to make it easier to choose or edit strong passwords in Safari starting with macOS 13 Ventura.

Features of macOS 13

With this update, it’s now possible to edit the strong passwords that Safari suggests to match each site’s specific requirements. It also (finally) lets you delete old Wi-Fi passwords, so they don’t stick around forever.

3. Websites sync in Safari

Thanks to iCloud, it’s possible to sync Safari settings like history, bookmarks, and reading lists across devices. With Ventura, synchronization for website settings is also added. For example, maybe you use Reader view or page zoom on your favorite websites. These settings are now synced across devices using your Apple ID. It’s a subtle change to how Safari sync works, but it’s a nice feature for macOS 13 Ventura nonetheless.

4. Relax with ambient sounds

It’s easy to get distracted while working on a computer, especially if you’re using it in public. So in macOS 13 Ventura, Apple adds a series of soothing sounds that you can play in the background. At launch, this software update includes sounds like rain, ocean, and stream.

5. Hide your email address in third-party apps

One of the best features of macOS in version 13, Ventura, is getting better. Hide My Email now works in third-party apps, making it easier to keep personal information private. Previously, this tool was limited to Apple apps only.

6. Transfer FaceTime

When you start or join a FaceTime session, there’s currently no way to transfer that call to another Apple device. This will change with macOS 13 Ventura and iOS 16 /iPadOS 16. With these updates, you can now enjoy FaceTime on your iPhone, then automatically switch to your Mac thanks to the expanded Handoff capabilities. Even your connected Bluetooth headset will be transferred between devices.

7. System settings

In macOS 13 Ventura, Apple has replaced “System Settings” with “System Preferences”. This change is still accompanied by a new and familiar look. The new System Settings is very similar to the Settings app on the iPad, and brings a little more synergy to Apple’s lineup of hardware devices.

There is little time left for the release of the new version

In 2021, Apple released macOS 12 Monterey on October 24. A year earlier, macOS 11 Big Sur arrived on November 12. These dates suggest that we will see the official release of macOS 13 Ventura in late October or early November. Until then, IT Rasan will continue to keep you updated. This update works on many Macs, including the best Macs on the market.

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