Introducing 15 of the best offline Android and iPhone games that you must experience before you die


In this article, we are going to introduce 15 of the best offline phone games so that you can enjoy playing on your phone without the need for the internet.

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It may happen to you that you do not have access to the Internet. No internet means no social networks, web surfing, video watching and your favorite online games. At these times, many of us will get bored and if we don’t have any other entertainment, our work is done and we have to sit and wait for the grace of God and our internet service provider.


In this article, we only introduce offline mobile games, if you want to know the best of each genre, visit the best mobile game in different genres article, where we introduce more than 100 of the best Android and iOS games.

Perhaps one of the best ways to save us in these times is a game without the need for the Internet to keep ourselves entertained. In this article, we will introduce 15 of the best offline phone games that may keep you on your feet even when connected to the Internet with their visual, audio, or gameplay appeals.

Shadow Fight 3

If you like fighting games, one of the best offline games for you can be Shodo Fight.

The third version of this series can be considered the best. With the help of various weapons of the game, you will face all kinds of powerful enemies to have fun for a long time in the story mode of the game. The game has attractive animations that give the audience a sense of combat.

Old Man’s Journey

The story of the game is about an old man who, after receiving a letter, immediately packs his things and leaves for a trip. A journey in the beautiful world of the game that we will also accompany him.

The artistic graphics of the game are very eye-catching and delight the audience scene after scene. The story of the game is beautiful and emotional and its puzzles are well designed. The game has also won numerous awards.

The best offline games

Dead Cells

One of the best 2D pixel platformer games that was first released for consoles and after achieving many successes, it was also released on mobile platforms and won the title of one of the best offline Android games.

The best offline Android game

After its release, this game received many awards and was very well received by fans. The graphics of the game are pixelated and very spectacular and have attractive colors. The best strength of the game is its exciting and challenging gameplay that can entertain you for a long time.


Join the story’s funny viking named Ademar to find out why all the people in the town have suddenly disappeared. The story of the game is interesting, but more interesting is its funny graphics, which are very pleasant.

The best offline games

Ademar, who has recently acquired the power of high jumps, will fight with various creatures and keep you busy climbing and descending in the side scroller gameplay.

The Banner Saga

A 2D game with very interesting art and story!

The best offline games

This beautiful work of art is a strategic tactical game that takes place in a Viking fantasy world. Voiceovers, designs and even animations made in this game are all implemented in the best way so that in the end you have a very good audio and visual experience from this game to its audible story.

Alto’s Odyssey

Aalto and his friends will skate in the desert and we will join him.

The best offline games

It may have the simplest gameplay in this list, but from the graphics and sound to the gameplay and music, the game says it wants to give you immense peace. Many consider the simple gameplay of the game to be addictive, and you may find that you are unconsciously playing this game in your spare time.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the games used to show the hardware power of the phone has always been from the Asphalt series.

If you like racing games, Asphalt 8 is one of the best experiences you can have on your phone. From the stunning graphics of the game to the good feeling you get while driving, it makes this game one of the best offline games.

The best offline games


It’s time for the best-selling game in history. Minecraft series can be experienced on most platforms such as mobile phones. The game does not have special graphics or story, but it gives you the freedom to create whatever you want.

The best offline games

This freedom is so great that we see very huge and staggering structures in this game, all of which are built by people. In addition to being one of the best offline mobile games, Minecraft has many other titles.

The best offline games

Minecraft is also on the list of games you must try before you die. To read that list in full, read this article.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

One of the well-known titles among mobile games and even other platforms is Plants vs. Zombies. In this game, you have to prevent zombies from invading your garden with plants that each have their own power.

The best offline games

You have to choose the right plants and put them in the right place because the zombies have special powers this time that will make your job more difficult. One of the addictive games on this list is Plant vs Zombies, which will entertain you for hours.

The best offline games

Rayman Fiesta Run

One of the most eye-catching and audible titles in the list is one of the few titles in the Rayman series. You will join the cute and lovable characters of this game to fight your enemies with the busy and sometimes funny songs of the game.

The best offline games

The environmental variety of the game is good and doesn’t get boring, and every now and then it will face you with a new challenge. The game has a good number of stages and you can mess around with this game for a long time.

The best offline games

Hello Neighbor

A different game in the horror genre that doesn’t have much in common with the horror games you know.

Unlike horror games that usually have dark and scary art, this game has beautiful and colorful art. In this game, you play the role of a playful kid who wants to reveal the secrets of his evil neighbor. For this you have to sneak into his house many times and look for evidence. One of the strengths of the game is its powerful artificial intelligence, your neighbor will predict your moves and make plans to prevent them!

The best offline games

Monument Valley 2

Graphics that give your eyes a fresh color. Monument Valley can be considered one of the masterpieces of the mobile game world. In this game, you solve puzzles that show the creativity of its creators.

The best offline games

These puzzles are based on vision error that will amaze you when you solve them. Don’t forget to use headphones because the sound and music of this game are very pleasant and relaxing.

The best offline games


This game is another well-known title in the gaming industry, which caused a lot of noise when it was released. Move forward in the cruel and dark world of the game and try to keep Limbo alive.

The best offline games

From giant spiders to puzzles that cost you your life if you get it wrong, the game has it all. The game also narrates its own strange and audible story without speaking.

Leo’s Fortune

Join the soft and funny but serious and nervous ball of the game, Leo, to find out who stole his treasure? His aunt or his cousin? He is suspicious of everyone and travels to different lands to finally find the thief.

The best offline games

The graphics of the game, while being realistic, are fantasy, and with the good role of the characters and the audible story, this game becomes one of the important titles of this list and one of the best offline games that anyone can experience.

The best offline games

Once Upon a Tower

Like many stories, the princess is imprisoned in a castle full of monsters and deadly traps.

But this time, a knight is not going to come to help him, but he is going to take up arms and run away. With cute cartoon graphics and interesting gameplay where you have to go down the floors and deal with different creatures, this game can be a lot of fun.

The best offline games

What games do you recommend for inclusion in this list? Share your suggestions with us and your friends in IT Rasan.

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