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These days, businesses and people in the world of business and economy are the winners who have learned better and more accurate advertising tricks and keep themselves updated so that they can increase their audience while maintaining it. It has happened to many of us at least once. that we want to advertise on the wall site or application to sell goods, introduce work or services. In this situation, what should we pay attention to in the text of our ad so that we can reach a conclusion sooner?


1. Since the times are short and simple writing, we must be careful to introduce our products and services, we must use attractive, fluent and especially short, simple and understandable texts. The audience should understand what we mean by reading it once. Of course, we should remember that if the text of the ad is not convincing and attractive, the audience will not see a reason to contact us and apply for our goods or services.

2. The information should be adequate and appropriate. Too much or too little information that doesn’t get the point across will definitely not attract the audience. It is a misconception to think that if we give a little information, the audience will be curious and contact us; Because the amount of information and news in today’s world is so much that people don’t waste their time for long questions and answers. One of the important reasons is that they think to themselves that if this product or service had something more to offer, it would definitely offer to attract customers.

3. Sometimes, as advertisers, we use long texts or disproportionate sentences, in which case, due to not being comprehensible, the audience quickly skips over the ad and ignores it.

4. Using exaggerated words in order to attract and increase the audience is also a wrong decision; Because a large number of calls is not necessarily a sign of success, but the quality of the calls and how many phone calls lead to the desired result is important.

5. It should be known that the text of an advertisement that is used to sell goods or services is very different from the text that is used, for example, to introduce a person as a teacher, and the right text should be used in the right place.

6. If we are an advertiser who advertises for different purposes and frequently, we must be very careful not to lie by mistake. Because if the audience encounters a mistake or a lie once, they won’t pay attention the next time they see our ad.

7. We should also be very knowledgeable in our field of work in which we have published an advertisement. In this field, we need continuous study. This is because we can recognize the weakness of our competitors and use it for the benefit of strengthening ourselves, and if necessary, we can prove our claim.

8. Each ad has its own audience. First, we must know our target audience and society, and then present our ad according to their age and gender.

9. The audience must find their role in our product or service. He should realize how effective the services we provide are in his life and to what extent they increase his quality of life.

10. If we pay attention and act on all the factors that make the audience to be convinced and take a moment to look at our ad or receive our goods and services, then we have followed the first part of the marketing and attracting audience correctly. This means that our advertisement is enough for the audience.

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