Interesting YouTube update; What are the new features of YouTube?


YouTube has announced changes to its platform and its player. These changes are applied and visible on all devices.

From now on, when you rewind YouTube videos, a detailed review will be displayed in your timeline. In this way, the user can explore the desired moment in the video frame by frame.


YouTube has introduced a new feature called pinch-to-zoom so that users can easily zoom in on the desired point by dragging their fingers on the video (just like the movement in the gallery to zoom in on a certain point of the images). will be). Google had already offered this feature to premium YouTube subscribers.

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A feature called dynamic color sampling is also a new feature in this update. According to this new feature, the color of the video screen changes according to the dominant color in the video. The dark theme in the app and web version will be darker and the previous shades of gray will become black.

As announced, the implementation of these changes has started from October 24 (yesterday) and hardly all users will be able to see these updates on their devices. It seems that the user interface of YouTube will improve with these changes and satisfy more of its subscribers.

New YouTube changes

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