Interesting results of a research: people are lazy and use insecure passwords


Despite the warnings of various companies and security activists to users to choose and use strong and strong passwords to enter their accounts, people are still lazy in this field and put their personal information at risk. A new report that has been published in this field shows that the arrangements of different companies in this field, even the two-stage approvals, did not have much effect on this process.

The findings of this new research show that, unfortunately, a large number of people still use the same password for several different user accounts. If you are one of these people, you should know that you are putting all your user accounts at risk. Hackers know very well that many people do such a thing and to steal the information of a person who has hacked one of their accounts, they easily use the same hacked password in other user accounts.


A new report published in this field shows that 60% of the participants in this research use the same password in their different user accounts. About 40% also mentioned that it is difficult to remember multiple passwords. Considering that the appropriate and acceptable password in some accounts consists of letters, numbers, and symbols, perhaps these people should be given the right that it is a bit difficult to find a password that meets these conditions and is remembered. In the meantime, 27 percent have stated that they consider the possibility of being hacked unlikely.

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Another interesting issue mentioned in this report is that users do not welcome encryption software and applications. Apple, Google, Microsoft and other big companies offer free applications that generate strong passwords and store them for the user. Of course, there are independent applications such as Dashlane or LastPass to do this, but users have not shown much desire to use such programs.

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Big tech companies have come to the conclusion that even with two-factor authentication, there is still a need to improve security issues; Because according to the latest reports, 79.5 million attacks take place every day with the aim of stealing users’ passwords. With the information published by this report, perhaps it should be said that it is very difficult to find a solution for these companies.

However, the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium are working with the tech giants to eliminate passwords entirely. Instead of a password, the person will use a fingerprint or facial recognition. Of course, it will take time to achieve this goal, but Apple’s Passkeys feature, which comes with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, is one of the first steps in this direction.

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