Intel’s desire to make AMD, Qualcomm and Apple chips


Pat Gelsinger; The CEO of Intel announced in an interview that the company will welcome orders for the production of semiconductors designed by AMD at its new factory located in the state of Ohio.

He said: “If they decide to produce their products in our factories; In that case, I would be happy to do so. This decision is considered correct at such a level of our business development. Such orders represent large investments and are important to our technology. This helps the development of technology communities.


The CEO of Intel made similar statements regarding receiving orders from Nvidia. This company is now one of Intel’s competitors. Although Intel’s presence in the graphics card market is not very significant and this company is just trying to enter such a field.

Pat Gelsinger also notes that Intel is fully committed to becoming a world-class manufacturing company with state-of-the-art factories to meet the needs of its customers. As a reminder, it should be noted that Intel has been producing its own native processors for a long time.

But the company announced last year, in line with its policy review, that it will now operate as a semiconductor manufacturer for other companies as well. In this field, Intel must compete with competitors such as Samsung and TSMC. This American company is looking to attract orders from Qualcomm and Apple in the near future.

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