Intel’s 13th generation processors will be introduced this fall


According to official information, we now know that Intel’s new generation processors will be introduced this fall. Pat Gelsinger; The CEO of Intel has confirmed that Raptor Lake series chips will be available to customers before the end of this year. Meanwhile, according to plans, the company’s future innovation conference will be held on September 28 (October 6). Previously leaked information mentioned the unveiling of new processors on October 17 (October 25).

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As Raptor Lake processors get closer to the launch date, more information about these chips will be released on the web. Previously, everyone was waiting for the official confirmation of the release time of new processors from Intel. The whistleblowers had previously announced that these chips will be introduced on October 25. In addition, it was expected that we would have to wait a little longer to clarify the exact date of the introduction of these processors. However, we now know that Intel has decided to make its new chips available to customers by the end of this year.


According to Intel, the Raptor Lake processors will be introduced earlier than the Alder Lake series

Pat Gelsinger; While publishing the report on the company’s financial performance during the second 3 months of 2022, the CEO of Intel mentioned this issue and noted: “We are currently engaged in the production of Alder Lake processors and in the second 6 months of this year we will unveil the Raptor Lake series chips. we will Meteor Lake series processors will also be released in 2023.

He further states that the Raptor Lake series processors will be introduced in the fall of 2022. These statements confirm the accuracy of the predictions made by the whistleblowers. As a reminder, it should be noted that Intel has already confirmed the news of holding its innovation event on October 6 this year.

Therefore, the introduction of new Intel processors while holding this event seems very likely. In addition, it is expected that Intel will also unveil the mobile version of the Raptor Lake family of processors. While explaining, Pat Gelsinger announced that the mobile version of these processors will be introduced after the desktop models and before the end of this year. Thus, the necessary space will be provided for the release of Meteor Lake series processors in 2023. Therefore, it should be noted that Intel’s 13th generation chips will be released to the market less than a year after the release of Alder Lake processors.

Additionally, according to Pat Gelsinger, Intel has sold 35 million units of its current generation processors. In a statement, he announced: “In today’s market situation, we see relative strength in the high-end products sector. We are serving consumer and commercial sectors. “Raptor Lake series processors bring many benefits to customers, including a 2-digit performance rate improvement over the previous generation and socket compatibility with the Alder Lake series.”

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