Intel wants to deliver millions of Arc graphics cards to gamers every year


Raja Kadori, Intel GPU Unit Manager, is well aware of the unfavorable situation in the gaming PC market. Demand for GPUs far exceeds production levels, which is why Cadori has promised that Intel will want millions each year. Arc graphics card Reach out to gamers.

Intel GPU Manager “This is a very serious problem for PC gamers and the industry as a whole,” he said in response to an article on the PC Gamer website about the GPU shortage. Intel is working hard to find a way to achieve this goal every year millions “Bring the Arc graphics card to PC gamers.”


Although this offer should not be taken as a formal commitment, Intel’s sympathy shows that they are aware of the situation and seek to resolve the issue. Given that Intel They have extensive resources in the field of chip production, and in fact have just become the second largest seller of chips, they have enough capabilities to meet the needs of a significant segment of the market.

Intel Arch

Intel wants to build ASICs for miners

However, the American chip maker had previously confirmed that it was not going to feature Extract Ramzarz Lock similar to Nvidia in its products. The company is actually looking to build one ASIC Exclusive called Bonanza Mine Is. They probably want to control the demand for gaming GPUs through this product.

Intel Arch architecture was introduced in 2021 at the Architecture Day event. The first GPU based Archemist arc Xe HPG Architecture And a 6-nanometer FinFET lithograph is made. This lithography was previously used to make the Radeon RX 6500 XT.

Now while we wait for the new Arc graphics cards, we can use the new wallpapers shared by the IntelGraphics Twitter page. To download these wallpapers, one of which you can see above, you can go to this page See.

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