Intel started the process of producing chips for MediaTek


Yesterday, Intel announced that it will cooperate with this Taiwanese company in order to produce Mediatek chips by its semiconductor production unit. The purpose of this collaboration is to help MediaTek create a more balanced and flexible supply chain by adding a new manufacturing partner with significant operational capacity in the United States and European countries. Last year, Intel signed a similar agreement with Qualcomm.

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Intel is a company that designs and manufactures its own chips. Last year, the company decided to provide this capability to other companies by opening the Intel Foundry Services unit. Now, as one of the first key customers of Intel’s new production unit, Mediatek has expressed its desire to cooperate with this company.


Randhir Thakur; The head of Intel’s semiconductor services unit said: “As one of the world’s leading unique chip designers, MediaTek meets the processing needs of more than 2 billion different devices every year, and as a result, it is considered a great partner for Intel Foundry Services.” This cooperation helps us to enter a new stage of our growth and development process. We have the right combination of advanced technical processes and diverse geographical capacities to help Mediatech. Thus, the Taiwanese company will be able to supply billions of new connected devices with a wide range of applications.”

Intel without mentioning the details of the contract or the actions it is going to take; announced that MediaTek plans to use Intel’s processing technologies to produce multiple chips for use in a wide range of advanced smart devices.

NS Tsai; The senior vice president of the platform technology unit and production operations at Mediatech company commented: “Mediatech has adopted a multi-source strategy for a long time. We’ve already partnered with Intel on our 5G data business, and now we’re expanding that partnership by building advanced smart devices through Intel Semiconductor Manufacturing Services. Intel’s Semiconductor Services Unit will provide valuable platforms to Mediatek with its commitment to major increase in production capacity; Because we are looking to create a supply chain with higher diversity. We look forward to forming a long-term partnership to better meet the growing demand from our customers around the world.”

The operation of Intel’s Semiconductor Services Unit in the Western Hemisphere is a big advantage. Considering that currently, most of the semiconductor products are supplied to the world markets from the eastern region, especially from countries such as Taiwan; Therefore, problems such as the continuous shortage of trachea, especially during the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease, were inevitable.

By providing services in the United States and Europe, Intel intends to take advantage of the current situation and help different companies to provide more diverse products. Intel has already publicized its plans to expand existing production sites in the United States and also to launch new sites in the state of Ohio and Germany.

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