Intel is developing the first 6 GHz processor in its history


In an unexpected move, Intel announced that the company’s first Core processor with a frequency of 6 GHz will be introduced in the form of the Raptor Lake series. The technical details of this processor have not been announced yet; But we can expect that the new processor will be launched under the name of Core i9-13900KS. At the same time, even the Core i9-13900K processor operates at a frequency of 5.8 GHz and is much faster compared to the Core i9-12900KS model.

Intel has also talked about the world overclocking record of such a processor up to 8 GHz; But he did not mention any of its technical details. If we consider the overall CPU overclock records in the world; In this case, the frequency of 8 GHz is still far from this record. Additionally, the source of the news release notes that the 8 GHz overclocking frequency for Intel’s new high-end processor only represents the base frequency during extreme overclocking.


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