Intel has officially unveiled its Arc series desktop graphics cards


Yesterday, Intel finally officially unveiled its Arc series desktop graphics cards. This series consists of 4 different models named A750, A580, A380 and A770. The A380 model was previously announced and is now available through retail; But the other 3 models are really new products.

All 3 models of new Intel graphics cards are based on the ACM-G10 graphics processor; But the most powerful configuration is available in the A770 model. This model is equipped with 32 Xe cores and 4096 FP2 cores. The width of the memory bus in this model is equal to 256 bits, and the base frequency of the GPU is equal to 2.1 GHz. Finally, the memory frequency and bandwidth are 17.5 GHz and 560 GB/s, respectively. This graphics card will compete with the GeForce RTX3060 Ti model. The ability of the flagship model of the new generation of Intel will not exceed this amount. Intel Arc A770 graphics card will be launched in 2 different versions of 8 and 16 GB.


The Intel Arc A750 model is equipped with 28 Xe cores and 3584 FP2 cores. This model has 8 GB of GDDR6 memory with a frequency of 16 GHz and a bandwidth of 512 GB/s. The base frequency of this GPU is slightly lower compared to the flagship model and is equal to 2050 MHz. But the overall graphic power (TGP) of these 2 models is similar to each other and is equal to 225 watts.

The Intel Arc A580 graphics card is equipped with 24 Xe cores and 3072 FP32 cores. This model has 8 GB of GDDR6 memory with a 256-bit bus. GPU base frequency is 1.7 GHz; Although the maximum frequency of the graphics processor will be higher than this figure.

Intel has not yet announced when sales of these graphics cards will begin. In addition, the details related to the pricing of these products are also in an aura of uncertainty. The company had previously announced that Arc series graphics cards will be available in key countries. Therefore, these cards will initially be available only in very limited countries.

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