The Intel Core i5-1240P appeared in the benchmark faster than the previous generation Core i7


Although Intel has officially unveiled the Alder Lake P series processors, many benchmarks have not yet been released, especially for the 28-watt series. Today in several new benchmarks it was revealed that Intel Core i5-1240P is faster than the Core i7-1195G7. Core i7-1280P has the same power as the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX.

According to WCCFTech, the new Intel Alder Lake Core i7-1280P and Core i5-1240P benchmark results have been released on the Geekbench platform. Series Alder Lake P It has a slower clock speed, but most processors in this series, similar to the Alder Lake H series, have a maximum of 14 cores and 20 threads.

Intel Core i7-1280P has 12 cores (6 + 8), 12 strings, 24 MB L3 cache, base frequency 1.8 GHz and Maximum frequency 4.8 GHz Is. Core i5-1240P also has 12 cores (4 + 8), 16 strings, 12 MB L3 cache, base frequency 1.7 GHz and Maximum frequency 4.4 GHz has it. The base power and maximum power of these two chips are 28 and 64 watts.


Intel Alder Lake triumphs over previous generations

Intel Core i5-1240P benchmark
Geekench single-core test

Alder Lake is seen with Core i7-1280P with 32 GB of DDR4-2600 RAM and Core i5-1240P with 16 GB of RAM. The first model in single and multiple core tests of scores 1784 And 9790 And the second model scores 1648 And 8550 Has earned. The i7 has the same power as the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX and the Intel Core i9-11980HK. The Core i9-11980HK consumes more power, and the AMD processor has a maximum power of about 54 to 60 watts. The Alder Lake chip appeared much faster in the single-core test. The chip also has the same power as the Core i9-11900K and Ryzen 7 5800X desktops.

Intel Core i5-1240P benchmark
Gibbon multi-core test

The i5 is faster than the AMD Ryzen 5 6600H and Intel Core i7-1195G7. This processor with its high power is far from the Core i5-1135G7, which is the previous generation of the same chip. These results are due to the fact that the new Intel chips 28 watts Are, is considered very attractive.


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