Intel Arch Desktop Introduced in Season 2 of 2022: Project Endgame Cloud Service


Intel has finally announced that the Arc Desktop series graphics cards will be available in Chapter Two 2022 To be marketed. In addition, the company quietly offers a service called Project Endgame Unveiled that allows access to Intel GPUs in the cloud and could be a competitor to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service.

Arc Graphics Cards Laptop As expected in The first season 2022 Products on the market that were introduced at CES. However, for the Intel Arch Desktop we have to wait a little longer and wait until the second quarter of 2022. Graphics cards Workshops Peer Chapter III They will not be on the market this year.

Intel Project Endgame, a competitor to GeForce Now?

The major American chipmaker also quietly unveiled Project Endgame, a service that allows users to access the processing power of the company’s GPUs over the Internet. It is not clear at this time exactly what mechanism is used in this service, but it seems that users can rent a GPU in the cloud or even with a full service like Nvidia GeForce Now Encounter.


There is no more information about Project Endgame at the moment and we do not know what kind of processor we are dealing with, how much the service will cost or whether we are dealing with a gaming service at all or not. But it is said that in Sequence of the year 2022 Let’s wait for it. However, the introduction of such a service shows that Intel has enough confidence in its new graphics cards.

Intel also announced that it is working on the architecture third generation Has started Arch processors called Celestial. It has been said that this generation wants to go to war with the most powerful on the market, so we will probably be on the side of a product with a 3090 Ti or RX 6900 XT. But for now, we have to wait for the first generation of the company’s graphics to see how these products will perform in the real world.


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