Intel announced a significant increase in processor prices this fall



Intel has recently announced its decision to increase the price of all products manufactured by this company. Based on this, the price of processors will increase by 10-20% depending on their model. This price increase is likely to be implemented from this fall and is actually a reaction to the high level of inflation in the whole world.

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Recently published reports indicate the possibility of a decrease in the price of graphic cards in the coming months. However, the conditions governing the processor market are completely different and the price of these parts will increase soon. According to a recent report from Nikkei Asia, Intel has discussed this issue with a handful of its customers. However, the amount of price increase has not been announced quantitatively, and according to internal sources, it is only expected that the manufacturing company will increase the price of all its products by an average of 10 to 20 percent. The price increase trend will be applied specifically in relation to processors; But this issue will affect the cost of other parts as well.


Intel will increase the price of various types of its products

Intel notes that this price increase should be implemented this fall. However, the company has not mentioned an exact date or time frame to do this. According to the announcement of one of the internal sources, all the information in this field is only a kind of prediction and has been raised based on speculation. As a result, this source claims that the new pricing of the products has not been finalized yet. However, the price increase will be done in any order. This move will be critical to offset higher production costs for Intel in recent months.

As a reminder, it should be noted that Intel intends to launch its new series of processors called Raptor Lake this summer. Therefore, the release of the 13th generation of Intel’s processors to the market in the coming months and with a much higher price than the previous generations seems quite probable. However, at the current stage, it is not possible to make a definitive statement about this issue; Because there is still very limited information about Intel’s future processors and their pricing.

In addition, the manufacturing company explains that this price increase is completely related to the increasing growth of the general inflation rate in the whole world during the recent months. Inflation in the United States has caused the price of products to face an average growth of 9.1% in June and record an unprecedented record in the last 40 years. Also, experts expect that Intel’s rivals, Nvidia and AMD, will soon follow Intel and increase the price of their products.

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