Installation training for the new version of Bank Sepeh for Android and iPhone


Electronic banking services are one of the biggest developments in the financial field, which has made many things easier. With the use of electronic banking, things like paying bills, transferring funds, buying recharges, receiving account balances and transaction lists, and many other things have become possible without the need to visit in person and linger behind bank counters. Sepe Bank also supports electronic banking services, which is one of the easiest ways to benefit from these services. Installation with Sepeh Bank is. In this article from the site how to Complete installation training with Sepeh Bank we will pay. So join us.

Installation training with Sepeh Bank

The first step to benefit from Sepeh Bank’s mobile services is to download and install the mobile app from Sepeh Bank’s official website. Be sure to download the Sepeh Bank companion program from the Sepeh Bank official website and avoid downloading financial programs from sources other than the official sources introduced by the separate developer. To download and install Sepeh Bank Mobile, it is enough to go through the following steps.


first stage: In the first step, enter the mobile download section of Bank Sepeh to the address become Then scroll down the page and click on one of the download methods with Sepeh Bank. It is better to use the direct download option with Bank Sepe.

How to install Bank Sepe Mobile + training for installing and setting up Sepe Bank Mobile
Depending on the operating system of your phone, click on one of the download links.

second stage: After receiving the program, click on it and click on the install option to install Sepeh Bank companion program for you.

How to install Bank Sepe Mobile + training for installing and setting up Sepe Bank Mobile
Click on the install option.

third level: Now open the program. As you can see, on this page you will be asked for a username and password. To get your username and password, you need to go to one of Sepeh Bank branches and request to receive the electronic service password.

How to install Bank Sepe Mobile + training for installing and setting up Sepe Bank Mobile
Enter the username and password received from the bank in the relevant boxes and finally click on the login option.

Fourth step: After receiving your password, just enter the program and enter your username and password in the relevant boxes and then click on the login option. Now you can use Sepeh Bank’s electronic banking services.


Today, with the advancement of technology, many things can be easily done at home or anywhere else. One of these matters is financial and banking matters, which happens to all of us many times every month. If you are one of Sepe Bank’s customers, you can simply install Bank Mobile and benefit from Sepe Bank’s electronic banking services and save yourself from going to the bank in person for various matters to a great extent.

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