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Instagram photo Downloader – how to download Instagram photos

Instagram Photo Downloader helps you to download photos from Instagram.


Instagram photo downloader is needed to download photos shared on Instagram by many Instagram users. Unfortunately, Instagram is not equipped with a separate feature for downloading content like photos and video. Talking about videos, we published a post on how to download videos from Instagram. But thanks to some tricks and even internal facilities Download photos from Instagram Appeared to be possible and very easy. Obviously the easiest way to save Instagram images is to take screenshots of them; However, this method is not of good quality and may not be suitable for some purposes.

Here in this article, we show you how to use Instagram Photo Downloader and download instagram photos using some tricks and internal facilities.

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FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram - Instagram photo downloader - how to download Instagram photos

FastSave for Instagram is a free Instagram photo and video downloader. You can install this free extension from Google Chrome Web Store and download any photo, video or stories.

You can use FastSave for Instagram to download Instagram photos,videos and stories on your phone as well. It means you can download FastSave for Instagram on you android smartphone as well. It supports any kind of content on instagram.

Download photos from Instagram with access to history

Sometimes users may miss the original version of the files posted on Instagram or use the app’s built-in camera to capture them. In such cases, to access the images again, you must download them. Although Instagram does not offer a standalone feature for downloading photos from feeds; But it allows people to do it all Account history Receive themselves together. This collection includes all posts, stories, pictures and videos that have been shared in the past.

single The official method for downloading from Instagram, This is the method and only allows access to the profile pictures of the person. It is clear that Instagram was not interested in offering such a feature, but was forced to make it available to the public due to security concerns about its parent company, Facebook, and reports of privacy breaches. As a result, if you are looking to download photos from other people or Instagram pages, it is better to go to the other methods mentioned below.

Download Instagram account history with PC

1. To get started, you need to submit a request to download your account content collection through the app or Instagram website. Due to the possible high volume of this collection, it is recommended from Instagram web version Act with the computer.

Instagram Photo Downloader - Download photos from Instagram

2. After logging in to your account in the web version of Instagram, click on the account image to go to the profile page. Now click on the gear icon and then select the Privacy and Security option from the menu that opens. You can also open the page Settings (Settings), Privacy and Security option Select from the left panel.

Download photos from Instagram

3. You will now be taken to the Account Privacy page. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the title Data Download. Then on Request Download option click.

Download photos from Instagram

4. It should continue Your email address Enter to download the download link and finally click on the Request Download button. An email with a link to download your account history will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Download Instagram account history with mobile

1. To submit a request to send the link to download the history via mobile, first log in to the Instagram application and then refer to your profile page.

2. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper right corner and then select Settings Select (Settings).

3. Enter the section Security Become.

Download photos from Instagram

4. Under the Data and History option Download Data Touch.

5. Enter your email address then Request Download key Tap.

6. Enter the account password and options Next Touch. An email containing a link to download your account history will now be sent to you within 48 hours.

Find photos in the downloaded file

After receiving the email from Instagram, open it and tap Download Data option Click. If the email is in a spam folder, its links may have been disabled for security reasons; So it is better to transfer it to the main inbox. Account information is provided in the form of a ZIP file; So first you have to extract its content (Extract) Kurds. After completing the extraction process, you will encounter a structure similar to the image below. Account Photos in Photos folder Located and by opening it you can achieve the desired items.

Download photos from Instagram

Download photos from Instagram with source code

Another way to download photos from Instagram is to use the source code to find the addresses of the files. In this way it should Via browser and web version Login to your account. Fortunately, unlike the previous method, the source code also allows you to download content from other accounts.

1. First, open the post containing the desired photo on a separate page.

2. Then right-click on the image and select View Page Source or Inspect Tap. This option may vary slightly depending on your browser.

3. It should now Class Find the address of the image. If you clicked Inspect in the previous section, you will be automatically referred to the relevant class.

4. In front of the phrase «Src» The original file address is located. To ensure the accuracy of the link, just hover the mouse pointer over it to display the relevant image.

Download photos from Instagram

5. Copy the link mentioned in the previous section and open it in a new window. You can now right-click on the image and select Save image as.

Download photos from Instagram with dedicated tools

The methods mentioned in the previous sections are a bit time consuming and may seem complicated to some people. As a result, if you constantly need to download photos from Instagram and you want to do it easily and in the shortest possible time, it is better to go to dedicated programs or sites. Note that some of these services require your account information, including username and password, to function properly and access private page content, which can lead to security concerns. But if you want to save public page images, you do not need to enter account information.

Save Instagram images with online services

Instagram downloader websites They are one of the most popular ancillary services for receiving photos and videos from this social network, which fortunately does not require the installation of any program. To use their features, all you have to do is visit the service website and you do not need to enter user information. In addition to images, you can download videos, stories, rails and IGTV with them.

Download photos from Instagram

1. To start, go to the desired post and copy its address. In the web version of Instagram, click on the three-dot icon in the corner of the post, and then select the Go to Post option from the menu that opens so that the link appears in the browser’s address bar. In the Instagram app, tap the three-dot icon and then select Copy Link Touch.

2. Go to one of the sites mentioned below and then enter the link copied in the previous section in the address bar.

Download photos from Instagram

3. Now click the Download button (or similar) to access the file.

Below are some popular sites for downloading content from Instagram. You can also access other similar services by searching for the phrase Instagram Downloader on Google.


Save Instagram pictures with the app

Various dedicated applications have been developed for downloading photos and content from Instagram, which you can use for free. Fast Save One of the popular options in the Android operating system that can be downloaded through Google Play. IOS users can also go to the Reposter for Instagram app.

1. After downloading and installing the program, log in.

2. Enter the link copied from the post into the app search bar.

Download photos from Instagram

3. Touch the download key in the lower right corner.

4. Check the desired images and then finally select the Fast Download option.

  • FastSave
  • Price: Free
  • Manufacturer: Photo and video applications
  • operating system: Android
  • Volume: 5.8 MB
Repost: For Instagram
  • Repost: For Instagram
  • Price: Free (with in-app payment)
  • Manufacturer: Bench sro
  • operating system: IOS
  • Volume: 35 MB

Dedicated Windows software to download from Instagram

Save-o-gram software is a free Instagram photo or video downlaoder that helps you to download instagram content on your pc. It is a dedicated option for the Windows operating system that provides comprehensive and complete possibilities for downloading from Instagram. Of course, it is not possible to use the program permanently for free; But a 14-day trial period is available to users. Among its features can be: Independent or group download The photos are referenced in a ZIP file format. You can also save all related content by entering a username or hashtag.

Download photos from Instagram


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