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The headline of the news is short and telling, the Instagram social network was filtered! Of course, this news has been prepared based on the reports of a large number of users, but its comprehensiveness has not yet reached 100%, and no news has been published in this regard by the competent authorities; But what is clear is the lack of access of many people (including ourselves) to this popular social network in our country.

Instagram, which became one of the most popular communication channels of Iranians after Telegram was filtered, is the most popular social network in Iran. But now this popular social network is out of reach and can be used only by using IP change programs. In addition, according to users, even after changing the IP, the speed of Instagram is so slow that it cannot be used.


During the last few days, many reports have been published about the disruption and disconnection of the Internet in different cities of the country, since this morning domestic and foreign websites do not open in the Google Chrome browser, this problem has also been announced by some Internet taxi drivers , users had problems paying their taxi fares online and were unable to connect to the interface payment portal. This problem can be seen when connecting to the Internet data of the first mobile operator and other operators and even Wi-Fi and is not related to a specific operator or ISP.

This evening, while Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications, promised that there will be no disruptions and restrictions for social networks, but users’ access to the Instagram social network has been cut off since the night. Widespread internet disruptions have also been reported in many cities and for different operators.

It goes without saying that in the chaotic Internet market of the country, government websites have not been spared and numerous internet portals connected to the government have been disrupted since this morning.

What is your experience using Instagram? Do you have access to Instagram without changing IP?

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