Innovation, the missing key of the insurance industry


In the 14th Stock Exchange, Bank and Insurance Exhibition, a meeting titled “Innovation Panel in the Insurance Industry (Requirements and Challenges)” was held, and the cases and obstacles in the way of the insurance industry’s progress were discussed and analyzed.

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This meeting was held at the central insurance booth with the presence of Mohammad Javad Aghajari, Director General of Insurance Services Network Supervision, Seyed Ghasem Nemati, Head of Information and Communication Technology Center of Central Insurance, Ali Moghimi Asal, CEO of Sepehr Milad Shahr Insurance Agency and Asad Asadi, member of the sales and marketing network working group. Iran Insurers’ Syndicate was held.


Mohammad Reza Farhi, the CEO of Bimah Bazar was also present as one of the participants of this meeting and was able to express the real challenges facing the insurance industry and innovation in this specialized panel, and he also presented the solution to overcome them.

According to Farhi, the main challenge now is the discussion of innovation and its application in insurance companies. Because startups are ready to provide services and speed up the flow of insurance sales; But there is a need for insurance companies to allocate a separate budget to advance innovation and strengthen technical infrastructure. With this method, obstacles are removed and the cooperation path between insurance companies and startups becomes smoother.

In the continuation of his speech in the “Innovation Panel in the Insurance Industry (Requirements and Challenges)”, the CEO of Bima Bazar pointed out that the work process in the insurance industry is “portfolio-oriented” and considered it one of the major problems of this industry.

That is, any representative who has a larger portfolio (more sales share); The contribution received from the insurance company is also higher. This issue causes the same conditions for other representatives to disappear, and this is exactly against justice in treating all representatives equally.

Mohammadreza Farhi, the CEO of the first insurance sales startup in Iran, believes that the key to solving this challenge is to use innovative and technological solutions in insurance companies.

In other words, taking innovative solutions and improving technological infrastructure is an arrow that will hit two goals at the same time. The first goal is to remove barriers to cooperation with online insurance sales startups. The second goal is to eliminate unequal working conditions for sales agents in insurance companies.

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