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When you decide to import from China, you need to consider all the important factors. Chinese markets offer diverse and affordable goods, so if you intend to import goods from China, it is better to buy in bulk. This allows you to earn more profit this way. To import from China, you have to go through several steps and these steps may have complications.

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Of course, this way can be followed more easily through commercial companies. One of these steps is buying goods. There are different ways to buy goods from China, one of them is the Alibaba website. But the way to increase your chances of making import profits is to buy through a trading company.


Import procedures from China

Importing from China requires going through routes that can play a big role in determining the profit and loss of trade. Any mistake in these steps may cause losses. On the contrary, doing them correctly will earn more profit.

In this section, we have stated the steps and requirements that you should consider for importing from China. Vanix Trading Company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of import and helps people who want to do business with other countries such as China and UAE to increase their profits.

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Product selection

Importing products that have many customers can guarantee business profits; Therefore, it is very important that the imported product has a high demand. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong product to import, all your money will go to waste. Finding the right product is not easy.

For this, you need to spend time and be careful. Export and import of some goods is prohibited. For example, in Iran, it is forbidden to import goods that are against Sharia standards or cause losses to domestic products.

Find a supplier

Supplier plays an important role in the success of a business. In fact, the supplier is like a business partner for you who can make you fail or make more profit. There are several ways you can go about finding a reputable and reliable supplier.

For example, you can find a good supplier through wholesale markets, trade shows, reputable sites, and more. In addition, by importing through Vanix, you will be able to find reliable suppliers who offer cheap and high-quality goods.

Sample request and order registration

After choosing the product and finding the supplier, it is necessary to check the sample. But the important point is that product sample review has an important effect in this process; Therefore, it is necessary to ask the supplier to send you a sample of the product.

This may come at a cost, but considering the impact it has on business profits, it is well worth the cost. Some suppliers send product photos or catalogs, in which case it is better to ask them to send samples instead. After checking the sample, place your order considering the conditions and rules.

Prepare for transport

Shipping goods from China is affected by many factors such as cost and time. For the transportation of goods, it is necessary to prepare various documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists and invoices. There are many rules for shipping goods from China and it is better to be aware of them. There are several ways to transport goods from China to Iran. Air, sea, land and rail methods are among the types of these methods, the cost and time of sending them are different.

Clearance of goods from customs

After entering the country, the goods are transferred to the customs. The goods have been examined at the customs and if they are not imported through legal methods and do not meet the import requirements, they will not receive a clearance permit. Going through the clearance process takes time. Also, according to the tariffs that are taken for the clearance of goods, the cost of import will increase. Vanix company helps with methods to get the goods to the importers in a short time and at a lower cost.

2 important points for shipping goods from China

Shipping goods from China is one of the most important concerns of merchants. It is very important to use methods that take less time and less money to transport goods. Of course, the most important thing is the non-damage of the goods during their transportation, which should be paid special attention.

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Use proper packaging

After choosing a suitable shipping method, it is necessary to carry out measures related to packing the goods. It is your decision to have or not to have the packaging of the goods. By wrapping the cargoes, they are protected from pressure and damage. This is an advertising method to attract more customers. There are a variety of options for product packaging, including functional, branded, and standard packaging.

Make sure your item is insured

Shipping insurance is very important for your goods. This ensures the safety of goods in case of damage or loss. There are many different companies to provide cargo insurance. You should note that insuring the goods is the responsibility of the goods owners. Depending on your choice, you can insure all or part of the goods. It is better to insure a large part of the goods so that you suffer less loss in case of accidents.

2 ways to buy goods from China

If you own a small business and want to make a good profit by selling goods, importing from China can be a good option for you. Chinese markets are famous for offering the best products at low prices, so you can visit the markets of this country to get the products you need. If you can find goods with low price and good quality, you will get more profit. There are several ways to buy from China, we will introduce two of the most important ones below.

Buy from Alibaba

Internet has made many activities to be done in the shortest time. Buying from Alibaba is a good opportunity for businesses that want to import from China online. Alibaba is a well-known Chinese e-commerce site where you can get any product at a low price. You should note that sellers on this site have a higher MOQ.

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Purchase through Vanix Trading Company

Another option is to import from China. Buying from Alibaba website has restrictions for Iranians. For example, you cannot register domestic numbers on this platform, but you must use numbers from other countries. Also, suppliers may not fulfill their obligations and your capital will be wasted. Vanix Trading Company provides the possibility of easy purchase from this country. By buying from China in this way, he gets more profit and the import risk is zero.

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