In order to increase the production of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung will skip the release of the Galaxy S22 FE


It seems that Samsung has stopped the development process of the Galaxy S22 FE smartphone and this gadget will never be released. This report was published by the Korean website The Elec and claims that the increase in demand for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the shortage of chips have forced Samsung to take such a difficult decision.

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The good news is that the production of the Fan Edition series will not stop completely; Because Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S23 FE next year. According to the initial plans, Samsung was supposed to use the same chip used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra in its Galaxy S22 FE smartphone. However, the impressive sales of Samsung’s flagship smartphone with the S Pen finally forced the Korean manufacturer to rethink its strategy for 2022.


Samsung’s initial planning indicated the company’s decision to produce 3 million Galaxy S22 FE units; But this targeting will still be valid for the Galaxy S23 FE. However, according to reports, Samsung is going strong towards realizing the goal of selling 10 million units of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This phenomenon requires the allocation of available resources as much as possible in line with the production process.

Samsung’s initial planning for 2023 indicates the company’s decision to increase the sale of ultra flagships by 30%. This figure is equivalent to 13 million devices. According to forecasts, the target production figure for the standard Galaxy S23 model will be 8.5 million units. Finally, the Galaxy S23 Plus will probably have the least popularity among customers with the expected sales of 6.5 million units.

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